Hate Crime Legislation is a “Discriminatory Measure”?

At least that is what the good Christian Stacy Harp copies into her blog/website.  She copies:

Speechless. . .Silencing the Christians is an original production of The Inspiration Networks in partnership with the American Family Association focusing on the loss of freedoms and liberties forced upon Christians by current attempts to pass hate crime legislation and other discriminatory measures and the movement to use “political correctness” to criminalize expression. The US Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and other basic liberties and the equal protection of those freedoms to all citizens, not only to select groups deemed to be “protected classes” by liberal causes.

Speechless. . .Silencing the Christians aims to highlight abuses against Christians and help to empower them to speak out to ensure the protection of their right to speak the Word. Renowned author and political commentator Janet Parshall hosts.


Well, if it is from the American Family Association (or as I call it, the Don Wildmon Family Account Association), then it must be true, right? 

For starters, what loss of freedoms and liberties are we talking about that Christians have suffered?  It surely isn’t like these loss of liberties or life, is it:

beating (beaten in Fort Lauderdale)

beating Gembeddedprod_affiliate56 (who by the way is dead–he was shot in Fort Lauderdale)

Both of these men were beaten/killed in Fort Lauderdale, the very place that Jim Naggle is the Mayor (he is the one who created the stink when he claimed that public toilets were meeting places for gays and he was going to stop it). I wonder if Naggle’s message got through to the person who beat the guy on the top picture and who killed the teenager in the bottom?  My guess is that Naggle’s message came through loud and clear.

But of course, beating and killing someone isn’t really losing liberty and freedom, is it Stacy? 

And it still amazes me that people are still LYING about what a hate crime is.  A hate crime is not about speech–it is about violence.  But since people who put together "Speechless. . .Silencing the Christians" and those who support such garbage really want to get rid of gays and lesbians, it is no surprise that they will lie about something like this.  What does God think about liars?  I’ll let them look it up (but it ain’t good).

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3 Responses to Hate Crime Legislation is a “Discriminatory Measure”?

  1. Robert says:

    WWJD (What would Jesus Do), when I was a teenager I wore a braclet that said this, the point was to question ourselves with what would Jesus do. When you see the silence amoung anti-gay people, when gay people are beaten or murdered, you wonder do they even know the Jesus they talk about? The story of where Jesus stood up for a woman who was about to be stoned comes to mind, instead of allowing the violence to happen, he spoke up and question those who were about to stone this woman. WWJD? I think he would speak up against this sort of injustice.
    as far as limiting speech, I\’m against any law that would limit speech, do hate crime laws do that? People disagree on this, however I think it\’s important especially when we look at the national hate crime numbers, where gay men are at the top of the list with hate crimes committed against them, that we as a soceity look to combat this issue, and if hate crime laws would stop this injustice, I\’m all for it.

  2. Robert says:

    I misspo, gay men are near the top, African Americans top the list as having the most reported hate crimes done against them, next is gay men, and Jews.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob!  Sometimes I think these anti-gay activists don\’t really care what Jesus would do…

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