DL Foster Doesn’t Like Me…

The ex-gay DL Foster really doesn’t like me.  I know he knows who I am since he responded to me before.  As I said, he is out to prove to the world that he is no longer gay, hence his ‘ministry’ and his obsession.  And he and Mark at Chesterstreet are good buddies.  They do suit each other, I have to say.

Anyway, DL Foster stated the other day (at Chesterstreet):

3/01/2008 12:35 AM


This guy writes like he is a two year old. His sentences rarely make any logical sense or stimulate the reader’s curiosity. I’ve read a few of his posts and most are so extremely boring (even when they’re about me) its a chore to finish one them. Mark, its REALLY hard to believe he is some type of postsecondary teacher.
I don’t mind being criticized but at least make it interesting criticism. Sheesh!
Kudos to you Mark for answering his anti-intellectualism with such grace and grit.


I don’t stimulate my reader’s curiosity?  Now how would DL Foster know something like that?  It doesn’t stimulate him, clearly.  But like all ego maniacs, if DL Foster isn’t stimulated, then no one is.  And like a 2 year old?  At least when I don’t understand something I don’t blame it on the writer.   If I did that it would indicate that my ego is huge and that I am naturally smarter than the writer that I don’t understand.  Instead I blame it on myself. But DL Foster, being an ex-gay, can’t take responsibility for anything he has done.  He blames his drug use, multiple male sex partners, drinking and so on on being gay–he thinks it has nothing to do with him personally.  So I guess I should be surprised when he blames me for his ignorance.  And speaking of ignorance…

He clearly doesn’t understand the words he uses.  He calls my writings ‘anti-intellectual.’   There are two meanings for ‘anti-intellectual’:


1. a person opposed to or hostile toward intellectuals and the modern academic, artistic, social, religious, and other theories associated with them.

2. a person who believes that intellect and reason are less important than actions and emotions in solving practical problems and understanding reality.


Am I, as a university professor, hostile towards intellectuals?  Hardly.  It would be hard to be part of academia and be anti-intellectual.  

Or do I believe that the intellect and reason are less important than actions and emotions?  That doesn’t explain my conversations with Mark on the nature of the Biblical text or the difference between belief and fact.  So neither definition fits my writing, even if I were writing like a two year old.  Therefore I doubt he has a clue what he is talking about.

I did notice that DL Foster never responded to the fact that the place he went for college was not accredited by the usual people who do this type of thing (his post was attacking someone for their apparently fake degree.  My response was that his college was accredited by an accreditation mill).  I wonder if his poor education has something to do with the fact that he has trouble understanding sentences?  Or maybe he reads my blog at 12:30 am and that is causing him some problems?  I don’t even want to think about what he is doing on the internet so late…

So sorry DL that you are not stimulated (and interesting choice of words, I might add) by my writing. I don’t write for you or your entertainment or your understanding.  Just because you can’t make it through one of my posts doesn’t mean very much to me. In fact, my guess is that you didn’t quite make it to the end of this post, so there is little point in me asking if you are stimulated by all of this… 

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3 Responses to DL Foster Doesn’t Like Me…

  1. Robert says:

    Seems to me the argument that you write like a "2 year old" is only to belittle your argument, rather than actually composing a rational response to what you have to say.

  2. Wood says:

    He sounds like another man hiding behind the Book of Love to avoid confronting his life.  Yes, I have heard of him. he sounds much like the gospel singer from Amityville, New York, Donny Mc-something or another.

  3. elizabeth says:

    My My ..well to say I stick with your blog Kevin to me must mean it is interesting as I have stated before I dont have a long attention span lol….Hey maybe this Foster fella is worse than me . Dont know how many times I have learnt something new , and have commented to friends of the "Rabid" anti Gay ppl you seem to annoy lol GOOD FOR YOU  keep it up.Take Care and Stay Safe Yes I still "lurk and read " here – with not many comments I know 😛

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