Stacy Harp “hearts” Anita Bryant

You have got to be joking.  Stacy Harp write this:

Around 30 years ago when the homosexual movement was really beginning one of the brave celebrities of the day, Anita Bryant, had the courage to speak out about the sin of homosexuality. She was vilified, lost her job and even her family. Yet for many years, those in the pro-biblical family movement who admired her, have tried to find her and give her honors and awards. This past weekend that opportunity became available and Anita Bryant is on her way back into the public once again, to defend the traditional family.

The following clip is from around 30 years ago. Watch it and see how “tolerant” and “loving” the homosexuals were toward her then.

Anita Bryant was/is (?) a horrible person.  She used her celebrity status to harm millions of gays and lesbians with her "Save Our Children" campaign, in which she told the world that homosexuals prey on children and needed to be saved from them.  Her demonizing is no different than the anti-gay crowd, and as you can see from Stacy Harp’s post, she is still loved.

I also find it interesting that Stacy says that Anita Bryant is back ‘to defend the traditional family.’  Now which traditional family is that?  Her first husband and children?  She got a divorce from her first husband.  Or is the traditional family the second husband (and the multiple bankruptcy filings)?  This is typical of people who claim to defend the traditional family.  But then again, maybe Stacy is right–the traditional family today is made up of divorced people…

And to be fair, Anita Bryant told the world that she regrets what she said and all the harm she inflicted.  But I don’t know if she is ready to cash in on the anti-gay movement now that there is some money to be made with the upcoming election.  I’m looking forward to hear what Anita Bryant had to say at this ‘award ceremony.’ 

And Stacy doesn’t mention the ‘honor’ Anita Bryant was given.  You can read all about it here.  It is written by Janet Folger titled "Anita Bryant Was Right."  And like Stacy, this Janet Folger blames the gays on Bryant’s divorce:

Enter the real "hate speech": pies in the face, kidnapping threats, death threats, threats to her children, acts of violence to her home. Like a scene out of Sodom, homosexual activists surrounded her home screaming at the top of their lungs. Her mother was afraid to open the front door. She lost her marriage. She lost her jobs and any means of supporting herself and her four children. She was a sacrificial lamb to wake a sleeping nation. She stood alone. And yet she stood.

Anita Bryant was right, and I want to personally thank her for blazing the trail of resistance for those of us who follow in her footsteps for the freedom to disagree with dangerous behavior and an agenda that threatens our rights to speak the truth and spread the Gospel.


And I can see why Stacy is so over-the-moon for Folger. Folger spouts the same LIES about hate crimes and ENDA:

If B. Hussein Obama or Mrs. Clinton get elected, you can expect two to three justices on the Supreme Court to be replaced with 45-year-old rabid pro-abortion liberals who hate marriage and everything we believe. Then you can expect:

  1. Thought crimes to become law and pastors to be arrested for the content of their sermons.
  2. The silencing of Christian and conservative talk radio with the UnFairness Doctrine.
  3. ENDA to bring an end to free speech in the workplace, shutting down business like Boston’s Catholic Charities who wanted to place orphan children with a mom and a dad rather than with homosexual activists.
  4. The Union Thug Law removing the secret ballot for union membership and delivering more coerced funds to the Democrat coffers then ever before.

If you want to protest, pick up a sign, but don’t throw away your vote, because if Obama or Clinton get into the White House, we won’t recognize our country four years from now.

(Notice that Folger, like DL Foster, use Obama’s middle name–but oddly enough, not the full name of Hilary–now why is that???).

And Janet Folger–I will agree with you one on thing–in four years we won’t recognize this country.  Right now we have a president who lies, who has ruined the economy with those lies, and who wants to even change the Constitution based on his religious beliefs.  Yep, we won’t recognize this country as we see it today, and I for one can’t wait to forget it!


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3 Responses to Stacy Harp “hearts” Anita Bryant

  1. Robert says:

    I find it interesting that Stacy Harp blames Homosexuals for Anita Bryants downfall, when in fact it was her divorce that caused many fundamentalist to shun her, I would say it is the fundamentalist she associated with that really hurt her. Also apparently she apoligized for her hateful statements as well, of course Stacy Harp left that out.

  2. Andy says:

    Homosexuality is not just a sin it is an abomination according to the word of the true and living God. Homosexuality is a spiritual afflication and is sure to not only destroy the life of one who practices homosexuality on this earth but, also guarantees eternal separation from the presence of God. Homosexuals and those who are unsaved but, claim to be christians are completely worldly and think they can force every man, woman, and child to exclaim that homosexuality is okay.News for homosexuals is that no matter if every single person that exist on this earth said it was okay to be homosexual it would not matter or make any difference. It’s almost a comparison as saying if everyone says the sky is not blue it would be so. This is a deception of satan and people who are not saved. Homosexuality is not okay and Homosexuals and unchurched and unsaved so called christians need to read Leviticus and don’t try to twist it because it is very very clear and unambiguous about homosexuality being an abomination before the Lord. In plain terms it is filth and the work of a reprobate mind. True christians are not to hate the person who practices homosexuality but, to hate and rebuke the sin and the choice that man or woman is participating in when they have fallen into a life of sexual deviance and moral decay. Christians should love the person but, be do their job and tell the truth so, that person may be saved and not eternally lost. So, homosexuals really need to give up and stop arguing with people but, realize they are rebelling, disobeying, and arguing against God himself not other people. When the time comes for all of us to be judged by the Lord arguing and wanting believe something that is so repulsive and perverted will not help that person. How arrogant for anyone to think they can dispute the word or God and how ridiculous. Our government is full of corrupt and immoral people who think they can say they are christians but, contradict the word of God completely by trying to promote a homosexual agenda to go with what may be popular at the time to win seats in office. A real man or woman of God will tell the truth and not worry if someone who practices sexual immorality hates them for standing up for Jesus and righteousness. Of course a person who is in a life of rebellion against the Lord doesn’t want to hear anything that has to do with spiritual or sexual cleanliness. If homosexuals really believed deep in their inner being homosexuality was okay they wouldn’t need the world to tell them so. True christians will not harbor hate against homosexuals but, will definitely tell them the truth in love even if that person never changes and hates them for the rest of their life for trying fervently to reach out to them. Jesus is real so, the United States and the entire world need to wake up and not be deceived.

  3. kkaatz1 says:

    Andy: you have every right to believe what you want, so if you really believe everything that you said, great for you.
    Have a good day Andy!

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