The Don Wildmon Family Association (The American Family Association) Ends its “boycott”

I see that the Don Wildmon Family Association has ended its "boycott" of Ford.  That whole thing was a joke.  They claim they got from Ford what they were asking, but Ford has a different story.  Clearly the AFA knew that their boycott was nothing but a scheme put together to bring in cash for themselves.  And if that boycott really worked, then they can be blamed for the automotive job losses and that is all on their heads.  Of course, the boycott didn’t work.  How can you boycott a product when you aren’t really shopping for a car or a truck?  I could say I will boycott Ford, but that doesn’t mean very much since I already have a car and I am not looking to buy one.

So I wonder what’s next for the Wildmon Family Association?  I can only hope that they will boycott all computers and computer software companies, or boycott every company that has gay-supportive policies.  Let’s see what happens to that little empire then.

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