Ken Hutcherson is a Thug

Pure and simple.  Ken Hutcherson is someone I have written about before.  Just the other day, the Southern Poverty Law Center named a group called Watchmen on the Walls as a hate group, right up there along side neo-nazis and white supremacists.  And who is a member of this hate group?  The rev. Ken Hutcherson.  Yesterday Lurleen, at Pam’s House Blend discusses an email that this thug sent to a librarian in a school.  This is the same school that actually invited Ken Hutcherson to speak on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  One wonders what this school thinks now of their invitation to a man deeply involved with a hate group?  Anyway, here is what Lurleen has to say:

Mount Si [High School] librarian Elaine Harger said she had received an e-mail from Rev. Ken Hutcherson that referred to Mount Si’s Gay-Straight Alliance as a "sex club" and asked if Harger wanted to be added to the list of Mount Si teachers he was pushing to have fired.

"What had I done to justify that he would try to get me fired from my job? This is intimidation, pure and simple," said Harger.

I hope that Elaine Harger files an intimidation charge against Hutcherson.  He is threatening her and her job.  I hope she also knows that he is a member of a recognized hate group. 

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