Mrs. Stacy Harp Attacks

Stacy Harp made a scathing personal attack against me yesterday (which of course has nothing to do with my post on her loving the hateful message of Anita Bryant or the fact that Stacy said Anita Bryant supports the ‘traditional family.’)  I have to say I was pretty furious at her despicable behavior.  I was actually pretty hurt by it.  My first thought was to attack her just like she attacked me.  But then afterwards I would feel very terrible that I did that to her.  She wrote:

Yet, Dr. Kaatz, for some reason unclear to many people online has not denounced, spoken against, or simply rejected the behavior of his buddy Nelson Garcia.

Just because I don’t denounce something doesn’t mean I support it.  I have never denounced drunk drivers, but that doesn’t mean I support them.  I have never denounced arsonists, but that doesn’t mean I support them.  Even an idiot can understand that.   I do, however, denounce people who spread lies and hate against gays and lesbians. 

She also willfully ignores the message of what I had written:

Anita Bryant was/is (?) a horrible person. She used her celebrity status to harm millions of gays and lesbians with her “Save Our Children” campaign, in which she told the world that homosexuals prey on children and needed to be saved from them.

She then writes:

Now I don’t know about you all, but I find it rather funny that Dr. Kaatz points out exactly what Nelson Garcia – you know a professed, convicted homosexual and boylover, and also a friend of Dr. Kaatz, is that some homosexuals do prey on children.

First of all, Mrs. Stacy Harp clearly uses the word friend differently than I do (of course, she is trying to make a point).  I have people that I converse with through the internet and they are not friends as in my real life friends that I see regularly.  They are people I converse with.  I converse with lots of anti-gay activists, but they are certainly not my friends.  There is a difference.  Of course, I could make the same analogy with Stacy and friends at the now nationally recognized hate group–the Traditional Values Coalition.  I have never supported the molestation of children, but Stacy has supported a nationally known hate group.  What is that saying about people who live in glass houses?

Secondly, Mrs. Stacy Harp doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand that Anita Bryant was saying that this was true about ALL homosexuals.  Anita Bryant wasn’t talking about one person, and that is the problem that I have with the message of the old Anita Bryant.  It is just as bad as what Stacy Harp has written in the past about gays and lesbians:

So here’s what I say to you Joe, cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. The FACTS are that many homosexual terrorists, such as yourself, do molest children, do stalk children, and do rape them. (Writing Right Blog, March 27, 2006)


Like I said below – these perverts [GLBT FOLKS] care nothing about others and only about themselves.  (Active Christian Media Website June 21, 2007)

For Stacy and the old Anita Bryant, all gays and lesbians (or perverts and terrorists as she calls us) are put into one lump and they assume that all of us are like the few who commit crimes.  That is like me writing about the woman who just yesterday tossed her two sons over an overpass and then blame this behavior on all women, or to write about the ex-governor or New York and blame this behavior on all straight men.  Yes, there are some gays and lesbians that molest children.  But it is a SMALL minority.  It is the same with straight men and women–a small minority do, most most do not.  Imagine what kind of an idiot I would look like if I lumped everyone in a group just because of a few criminals.

She also writes:

Oh, and Kevin, please show me the “millions of gays and lesbians” that Anita Bryant harmed? OH…that’s right, you couldn’t come up with a million names if you were paid a million bucks. Talk about lying. Shame on you.

She asked for the millions of gays and lesbians who were hurt by Anita Bryant.  Let me give an example that even someone like Stacy might be able to grasp (but she probably won’t):  if 1% of the population of this country is gay and lesbian, and say the country had a population of 200 million in the 1970s, that would give 2 million people (that qualifies as millions).  These people were hurt by what Anita Bryant did.  Does she think they were helped by her lies about recruitment of children by gays and lesbians?  If she does, then she needs some serious therapy.  Does she think these gays and lesbians were helped by her call to take away their protections in Florida, which then spread throughout the country?  If she does, then she needs some serious therapy.  What part of what Anita Bryant said helped them?  I don’t need to name names.  In the past I have said that millions of Jews were killed during the Holocaust, but who in the world is going to ask me for names?

The old Anita Bryant and Stacy Harp are the same.  What they write and what they say hurt people.  She pretends it doesn’t, but it does.  Her lies that she spreads and her condemnations are used against people who don’t share her religious beliefs.  I don’t care about her religious beliefs, but I do care when her religion is shoved down my throat and millions of other throats. That I condemn in the strongest possible fashion.

And about that video that Stacy Harp posted on her blog with Anita Bryant getting a pie in the face:  when I first saw that a couple of years ago I flinched.  I thought that this type of behavior will never advance gay and lesbian rights in this country.  Attacking people with physical violence is always wrong.  But Stacy seems to think I need to denounce everything, everywhere, at all times.  Maybe I should make a blanket statement to make her happy and say that I denounce all things that hurt people.  Of course, that includes what she writes, so she won’t accept that either…

Finally:  my advice to Stacy is to get over Nelson Garcia.  He made his peace and I accept that.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE DID.  AS I SAID BEFORE, HE NEVER DISCUSSED IT WITH ME AND AS FAR AS I KNOW HE NEVER DISCUSSED IT ON HIS BLOG.  (I figure I would put it in capital letters in case she couldn’t read the regular type).  Besides, it wouldn’t hurt her to read the Christian message of forgiveness and it is it funny to me that a gay man who is not a Christian has to remind a woman who is supposedly a Christian about forgiveness…

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One Response to Mrs. Stacy Harp Attacks

  1. Justin says:

    Stacy Harp must have her head in the sand and obiously cannot see the forrest for the trees.  She is attacking you for NG\’s past perhaps she should look at Anita Bryants past.  She was professing to be a christian when she was anything but.  While she was out bashing Gays she was practicing adultery, doing drugs, and practicing the ultimate hypocrasy.  She was brought down when it came out and her husband divorced.  Isnt it just so refreshing when people like Stacy equate people like Anita as being great.
    Stacy whether this woman physically harmed one Gay or not she destroyed her family which is much worse Ms Harp.
    And while Ms Harp seems to be hung up on the literalist interpertation of the bible maybe she will tell me what she is doing preaching the word of God.  Stacy was it not Paul who in his writings to the church at Corinth.  And let your women keep silence in the churches and what they learn they shall learn at home from their husbands at home. 
    Anita Bryant over looked not that scripture but she over looked the scripture that warned her against judging others.
    Yes, I was glad to see Anita laid low because she was a hypocritical liar who promoted homophobia and destroyed families along with her own.  Stacy might well remember how people left the fundimentalist movement when that happened just as they did with Jimmy Swaggart and Jimmy and Tammy Faye Baker.
     I love how people like Stacy continualy bring up peoples past and does not believe anyone can be forgiven unless they tell God its ok.

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