Busy Garden Weekend

Yesterday we went to a citrus tasting talk at a local nursery.  A (cute) man brought in various types of citrus and gave a talk on how to grow them and then he cut up a bunch of fruit.  It was good to go to since I had been thinking we should get a kaffir lime tree, but it turns out that you can’t use the fruit.  Then we went home and tackled the carport driveway with a 16 pound sledge hammer.  Here is a photo of Doug whacking away (the first concrete runner is already chopped up):


We were then piling up the concrete rubble into all of the packing boxes that we still had from the move.  Here is a shot after with both runners of concrete gone and the concrete in boxes:



It was reinforced concrete, but luckily there was only one steel rod running through so we didn’t have to cut it up.  This morning we found a rubbish removalist on Craigslist and he came with two other guys and took it all away.  Here is what it looks like now:


So we’ve just added 9 feet by 22 feet to the yard.  And right after the concrete was taken away, we made our usual trip to Home Depot and bought enough soil and compost to fill the area in and we also bought our citrus trees.  We got a Bearss Lime, a Trovita orange and a Satsuma mandarin.  We’re going to pop them in the spot we just opened up and that will give us a bit of privacy in the back once they grow up a bit.  Right now they are only about 2 feet tall, so it might be a number of years before they totally block out the neighbors.  We also picked up a bunch of seeds for more plants since we have all this extra space.  Where the grass is I want to put in a stone patio and a Japanese trellis and maybe grow some jasmine up it.  But I don’t think we’ll get to that this year…

All of our plants we put in last weekend are thriving.  We have a bunch of new strawberries (green).  And some of the seeds we put in are popping out.  The first to come up were the daikon radish and the arugula (rocket).  On Friday the bok choi peeked through as well.  I also planted a bunch of flower seeds and most of them are now up about an inch. 

Now we will probably need to rent a rototiller to work in the new soil into the old.  The old is mostly clay (and has been under concrete for a number of years).  I would be happy just spreading the new soil and compost over the old dirt, but Doug wants to work it in.  Then we’ll need to plant the trees this week since we leave for San Diego on Friday and won’t be back until Tuesday night.

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4 Responses to Busy Garden Weekend

  1. Laura says:

    Wow, your place is looking nice!  I can\’t wait to see it!

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Laura!  I can\’t wait for you to see it either!  I\’ll have to ship you some fruit when those trees start producing!

  3. Robert says:

    Looking good Kevin! I was somewhat amused by you taking a picture while Doug broke up the concrete!

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Robert!  🙂  I did a little of the smashing, but Doug did most of it.  🙂  He seemed to like it much more than I did…

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