Barack Obama’s Speech

I watched a bit of Obama’s speech on race last night and the rest this morning and it is utterly fantastic.  I hope that everyone will watch what he has to say.  I really liked that he brought up the fact that the people who grew up in the middle of the 1900s were not free people.  They were free in one sense in that ‘separate but equal,’ but that isn’t freedom.  All you have to do is think of Jerry Falwell’s speech on his support for segregation to see that.  Why should people who have not been treated equal be happy with what has happened in this country?  I don’t get it when you have white people who complain about the so-called anti-Americanism when America has a history of slavery, a history of Jim Crow laws, a history of segregation, up through the 1960s!  Do they expect that people of color ignore their own treatment and their history and pretend that America is this great land of opportunity for everyone, at all times?  And still people of color are not treated with total equality here (I could say quite a bit about how this affects gays and lesbians today, but I’ll keep to the topic of race).

Obama did a great job at bringing up these issues. 

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