A Good Weekend

For me at least, the weekend seemed fairly long.  It was short for Doug though.  He called me from work on Friday and said he couldn’t make the 9:49 pm train (yes, that is pm–he gets to work around 8 am every day).  So I drove down to pick him up but when I got there he was still working away.  He thought it would take him about 15 minutes to finish up, but the 15 minutes stretched on to 3:30 am!  I can’t believe he worked for 19 hours straight.  (And this explains why my posts were made at 2:30 am Saturday morning!)  We got home around 4 and then he had a basic home electronics course at one of the local community colleges to go to that started at 8 am.  He got home at 2:30 and took a long nap.  We did get some yard work done that afternoon and yesterday we drove to Los Gatos to see what it was like.  The website for the town looked nice and I figured that there would be a nice downtown with lots of interesting shops. But that wasn’t the case.  Anyway, on our way there we stopped in at a recycled wood shop and that was really the highlight of the day.  I picked up an old frame that looks like it might have been a window and I’m going to make it a picture frame.  We got it for $2!  I think that is going to be one of my favorite stores, especially when we finally get around to redoing the house. 

We also pulled out three large chunks of concrete from the yard that at one point were footings for something (I’m not quite sure what they would have been used for) so now the yard is now ready for two more planting boxes.  The ground here is nearly all clay that is pretty hard to break up so we thought we would go for planting boxes and over time the clay soil should soften up.

I start up a new quarter of teaching on Wednesday, so I still have today and tomorrow to work in the yard.  Speaking of that, when we were in San Diego we stopped in a shop that had a little patio area and it had this great fountain:


We’ve decided we are going to tear out the large shrubs that are at the fence line and put up a concrete block fence that we’ll stucco over (to match the house) and then put a fountain up that looks something like this one.  I want to do this this year, but Doug isn’t so certain…

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2 Responses to A Good Weekend

  1. Laura says:

    Hey Kevin, I like that fountain.  Sounds like you and Doug are busy all the time.  Can\’t wait to see all your work
    Take care and miss you lots!

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Laura,  We both liked that fountain too.  It had a nice sound to it.  I didn\’t think about a concrete/stucco fence, but it sounds like that is something we could do easier than building our own fence.  I hope we do it this year!  We went to Home Depot last night and bought some more material to make a few more planter boxes for the back and then I just need to fill them up with plants.  I start teaching tomorrow, so today is going to be busy…
    Tell everyone we said hi! 

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