Another Garden Pic

And just in case Stacy Harp and her readers think that all I write about is the ‘homosexual agenda’ (which in actuality doesn’t exist), I thought I would post another pic of the garden.  Yesterday I built three more garden boxes and we finally got a push mower so I moved the lawn for the first time.  I’ll pick up the rest of the dirt tomorrow and then plant away. I picked up seeds for butternut squash and soy beans.  We love edamame (I think I spelled that correctly!) so I thought it would be fun to grow our own.  If I can find some potato seeds I’ll put those in the big box.  I need to find some seeds for a bush cucumber and then fill everything in with flowers.  It is also nearly time for me to plant the second course of beets, carrots, swiss chard and so on.  I put the first set in on March 10 and it is now a little over three weeks.  


Our citrus plants are all doing fine.  The drop an occasional leaf, but that is normal.  As long as they don’t drop a bunch I am happy!  The orange tree (in the center) is full of buds.  I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t set all of that fruit–otherwise it is going to be on the ground! 

I also need to figure out what to do with that bird bath that was left here.  The birds love it and I clean it out and fill it up for them every couple of days but I hate the look of it.  I should just fine a nice ceramic bowl or maybe mosaic over the one that is there.  I’ll be taking a mosaic making course that starts up in about a week.  So once I get my miter saw and my mosaic making skills, I am going to be building away…

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2 Responses to Another Garden Pic

  1. elizabeth says:

    Hi Kevin .Your garden is growing and looking great . Please do mosaic over the bird bath if you dont like it… but… remember we want pics  of it afterward 😉 PLZFrom your post in my blog re the Gum Trees…do I get the feeling you are homesick for Australia ? yes I do lolNow I have finally made it here ….have had probs getting into big blog pages ..I will be having a good read catching up with your viewpoints as I always like to do . Take Care and Stay Safe Tink

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Tink!
    How are things in Australia?  I hope the rains come and stay for a bit!  I do miss Australia–I miss the people, I miss the land.  We\’ll be back one day though.  Luckily Doug is an Australian citizen so we can go back at any time.  He always holds that over my head that he is a citizen and I am dependent on him if I want to go back!  lol

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