Message to Stacy Harp and Her Readers

Stacy Harp mentions me again today.   Here is my message to Stacy and her readers:

To Stacy:  I am so glad that I have been a help to you, Stacy.  I have a feeling that my message of equal rights for all regardless of religious persuasion actually reaches more people than you hope for Stacy.  You see, if your readers are able to think beyond all the rubbish you say, then I have done my job.  Even if I get them to think, just for a second, that gays and lesbians shouldn’t be persecuted because of differing religious faiths (or no faith at all), then I am happy.

To Stacy’s readers and friends:  I am so happy that Stacy has passed my blog entries on to you, the readers of Stacy Harp.  Stacy isn’t one of a kind in the anti-gay activist world.  However, I find her fascinating though, mostly because of the blatant hypocrisy that she shows.  Oh, she may not talk about her hypocrisy, but those who know Stacy Harp knows.  And Stacy, you know what I am talking about.  You see, dear readers of Stacy Harp, I did call her a name on a deleted blog.  I deleted it for a number of reasons, but if she wanted to show that to you, then fine.  But will Stacy show her true face to you?  I can think of a couple of sides to Stacy Harp she won’t reveal.  One I will leave unsaid.  I’ll leave Stacy to reveal her own past when she is ready to do that.  Another is that I heard a conversation that she had with a gay man and she had such a dirty mouth that she didn’t dare put it up on her blog.   All I can say to that was that it wasn’t very Christian lady-like…It makes me calling her a "*itch" pale in comparison.

I’ve written about the pride that Stacy Harp has and what happens to the proud. Her latest post is no different:

"Because of you I have a bigger voice and more influence, and I just want you to know that I couldn’t be happier."

More influence? My, my, my–isn’t she so proud of all of her ‘work’?  Pride cometh before the fall, doesn’t it?  I wonder what you, the readers of Stacy Harp think about her pride of using you to help her get more influence?

I also want to respond to Stacy Harp’s belief that:

"You have all heard the gospel of Jesus Christ…"

I want to be first to tell you that I have never heard the gospel of Christ from Stacy Harp.  Not once.  She may be the president of Active Christian Media, and she certainly is active, and what she posts her material on is Media, but I don’t know how Christian it is since I don’t see the message of Christ anywhere on it.  Maybe some of you can help her out with that.


Anyway, go ahead and spread my message around, Stacy, to all of your readers.

If only one understands that the ‘homosexual agenda’ is something that is made up and that the message I have to all of you out there is that all people needed to be treated with dignity and respect–even if they are gay and lesbian and you believe that being gay is a sin.  This country was founded on religious freedom and I firmly believe that you and Stacy Harp have every right to voice what you think.  See, being a gay man I know that free speech is important.  Even the free speech of Sally Kerns when she states that gays and lesbians are worse than terrorists.  I also believe that people, like gays and lesbians, should not be put in harm’s way when the words of Sally Kerns or Stacy Harp harm people.  Yes, their words do harm people because their words leads to violence.  Sally Kerns states that gays and lesbians are worse than terrorists.  What does this country to do terrorists?  And if gays and lesbians are worse than terrorists, what does Sally Kern and those who support her (like Stacy Harp) what this country to do to them?  It isn’t hard to guess… 


But I hope that Stacy will pass this message to her pastor and all of her friends and clients.  I wish them all well and I hope that they are never on the receiving end of things like gays and lesbians are now.


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2 Responses to Message to Stacy Harp and Her Readers

  1. Joe says:

    Is Stacy saying this is all about power and influence?  I am confused why anyone who claims to live their life with Christ as a model would be striving to have more power and influence.   I also would say, that on my blog I have never called Stacy a name, never slandered her and in fact, I have taken great care in bring respectful of my critiques of Stacy.  There is not one example of me ever attacking her as a person,  but if she feels it neccessary to create enemy images of me, so be it.  It does not change the fact that I believe her constant barrage of "negative only" imaging of gays and lesbians invokes fear and hate in others.    It is just inspirational materials for gay bashers.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Joe, well, from Stacy\’s words we are helping her become more powerful and influential, and in her own words, she couldn\’t be happier.  It is all about influence and money for these people like Stacy.  The more they can whip up the masses against gay and lesbian people, the more money they can bring for themselves.
    I never called Stacy a name on my blog, but did in a personal email (which I then made public).  That\’s o.k.  I was mad and she was on another witchhunt.  I tried to delete the post but I didn\’t realize that once it is written–it is up there for good!

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