Numbers and Messages


Stacy Harp wrote a post called the "Nearly 400 March in the Million Fag March"  :

So Sally Kern has over 1000 people and close to 2000 people come to support her and a few days ago some in the homosexual community decided to hold a “Million Fag March” – their name, certainly not mine – to protest the infamous Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church – which incidentally does not represent me or my views, and/or anyone else that I know who claims the name of Jesus Christ.

So why am I writing about this – simply to show you the absolute unbelievable BIAS that is pro-homosexual in the media.

When an event is billed as a “MILLION Fag March” one would think that a MILLION people actually showed up. The truth is that “more than 400 people gathered” – I believe that more than 400 is infinitely less than a MILLION.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting that “over 1000″ came out to support Sally Kern. Concerned Women for America is stating that it was close to 2000. It’s obvious the AP writer and others are trying to diminish Kern’s numbers. Just thought you’d like to know.

Check out this report from KSN Wichita that was posted on You Tube by a person with the screen name “allgayallday”.

Note in the beginning the male anchor says that it was a “massive” rally. Well, if 400 is massive, then close to 2000 is certainly massive, yet you won’t see that language used to describe the Rally for Sally.

Stacy Harp is having a hissy fit that her support of this anti-gay rally for Sally Kerns was not called massive by the AP, while a local news reporter called the Million Fag March massive.  So let’s look at some numbers.  The population of Oklahoma City is about 530,000.  The Sally Kern anti-gay rally pulled in 1,000 people–or close to 2,000 according to Stacy Harp.   Projected population for Topeka Kansas is 172,000 and they pulled in 500 people to rally against the hate of Fred Phelps.

.4% of the total population showed up to support Sally Kerns and her message that gays and lesbians are worse than terrorists and .4% of the total population of Topeka Kansas showed up.  The news reporters are saying between 4-500 people showed up, but using Stacy’s thinking, that would make it about 1,000 people.  If that is the case, then over .5% of the population of Topeka showed up for their march.  That would make it bigger than the rally for Sally Kerns and her message of hate.  You would think in a bigger urban area you would be able to pull more people in–and that wasn’t the case for Sally Kerns.  The Baptist Press is stating that only ‘hundreds’ attended.  Maybe Stacy Harp thinks that the Baptist Press is ‘trying to diminish Kern’s numbers" or is ‘pro-homosexual’ in their bias too.  If only hundreds attended, then we have even less support the message of Sally Kerns (thank god).

Of course, Stacy too is having a hard time with the fact that the march was called the MILLION Fag March and only 500 people marched.  She is a literalist to the end…But she apparently agrees with Concerned Women for America spokesman Matt Barber who stated that 2,000 people who showed their support for Sally Kerns’ anti-gay message ‘astronomical.’ 

Anyway, the important difference between these two rallies is the message.  Just look at the videos on YouTube for the Million Fag March in Topeka.  Here is one example:

The announcer states:  "It was a march about love"

A woman states:  "I love all people–black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, it doesn’t matter."

While on the other hand, here is the message from Sally Kerns, found at YouTube on how the ‘homosexual agenda is destroying this nation."

So the message of Sally Kern and her supporters is hate and violence, but the message of the Million Fag March was love.  There is the difference. 

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