So Stacy Harp Thinks I am Lying

Stacy Harp, the hypocrite who attacks all gays and lesbians, called me a liar today and said that I didn’t know anything about her past.  Well, well, well.  I can’t wait for her to eat those words.  The hypocrite says:

Also, you must note the other lie about this conversation he “heard”. My guess is that what he “heard” was hearsay and that he never heard the conversation he mentioned. I know this because only two people had a copy of it and neither one of them would send it to Kevin. Even if they did, you wouldn’t hear anything untrue coming from me.

So to Kevin, I have a GREAT idea – how about you transcribe this conversation you say you “heard” and/or put it up on your blog for the whole world to hear.

As I told Joe Brummer – the gay man Kevin is referring to – my copy was deleted from my computer.

And note to my readers: Watch what Kevin will do. Here’s my prediction….

  1. He will repeat some falsehood that Nelson Garcia and Joe Brummer told him about me being a “ex-lesbian”.

  2. He will claim that he doesn’t want to hurt me and that he believes it’s up to me to tell this big secret “about my past”.

  3. He won’t produce anything concerning this conversation he cited, because he can’t.

  4. He’ll continue being “vague” because he’s simply lying about all of the above that I quoted.

Either way, I have nothing to hide – So Kevin – do your best. I’ll be waiting. I especially await this revelation about my past and the evidence you’ll have to back whatever it is up. Since you have nothing on me, I’m confident I will be waiting a very long time.

About that conversation.  Oh yes I have heard it and I have a copy of it on my computer.  You see, Stacy Harp called Joe and ranted and raved to him.  She tried to bait him into an argument.  She called Joe Brummer and taped it so that she could play it on her blog.  But she never did, and for good reason.  She has quite the dirty mouth on her.  Joe knew that she was taping it.  Stacy Harp then sent it to Guy Adams.  If you don’t remember Guy Adams, Stacy had Guy on her last blog and he went on and on about gays wanting to have sex with children.  The fallout was bad–Guy Adams got kicked out of Renew America and Stacy deleted her entire blog and acted as if she did nothing wrong (it wasn’t the first time she erased her history).  Anyway, Stacy Harp then sent the conversation that she taped of Joe to Guy Adams.  I don’t know why she did this, but Guy Adams then wrote to Joe.  You see, Guy Adams wants to get Stacy Harp kicked out of Renew America for what he thought was an illegal taping of her conversation with Joe.  I don’t want to get caught in the middle of that little ‘Christian’ cat fight!  It wasn’t illegal since Joe assented to the conversation.  Stacy never sent the conversation to Joe, but she did sent it to Guy Adams and someone else.  And Guy then sent it to Joe.  And now I have a copy of it.

So Stacy, that takes care of what you think was a lie from my mouth.  It wasn’t hearsay–I have the actual conversation.  It occurred in July 2006.  Since you blabbed Joe’s phone number Joe’s phone number on the recording (did you expect all of your anti-gay friends to then call him–why else would you state his telephone number???), I can’t publish the actual conversation.  But if you call me a liar again about this, I will find someone who knows how to take the part of your conversation that included Joe’s telephone number out and I will publish it for all the world to hear. 

About her claim:  "#3:  He won’t produce anything concerning this conversation he cited, because he can’t" and "So to Kevin, I have a GREAT idea – how about you transcribe this conversation you say you “heard” and/or put it up on your blog for the whole world to hear."

O.k.  Let’s see.  The hard part about transcribing some of it isn’t the time it takes, but you don’t get to hear the ranting and raving of Stacy Harp, live and in person.  Oh, she sounds quite different than her meek and mild Christian face she puts on over at her Active Christian Media….

And in case she thinks I really don’t have this, I’ll remind her that she calls Joe Brummer at the beginning.  You do remember that, don’t you Stacy?  You then state that it is being taped for your own protection–even though you had the audacity to call Joe!  And Stacy, you must remember that you barely let Joe have a word–it was all you, you, you (as usual).  You refused to give Joe any time to respond because you kept talking over him.  Do you remember calling Joe a chicken for not calling you and Joe tells you that he didn’t think it would be productive (he was SO right)?  Do you remember yelling at Joe that he was ‘a victim’?  Do you remember that you told Joe you thought ‘he really’ liked you because he wrote about what you say?  You then state to Joe "I think you really want to have a relationship with me, frankly…either that, Joe, you want to have a relationship with little three year old kids."  Wow, Stacy.  And to think that you are a therapist of some kind?  It seems like you and Guy Adams really do have something in common (except now Guy Adams is no longer you little buddy, now is he?).  I can totally understand why she refused to post this conversation on her blog. She sounds nuts.  She pronounces homosexuality HO-Mo-Sex-You-Ality continually. 

But here are a few more things that came from Stacy Harp’s mouth (and remember she was talking to Joe):

"You want to have a relationship with little 3 year old kids."
"Homosexuality is all about sex, Joe." (She repeats this over and over and continually does not let Joe speak)
"A normal man with a sexual deviant behaviour."
"It’s wrong.  It’s perverted.  It’s disgusting.  Unnatural."
"This is going to be a great soundbyte for me."
"Do they know that you put your penis in someone’s asshole?" She asks this Here she is referring to Joe’s nieces and nephews.  What language that good little Christian woman uses! 
"Homosexuality is totally about sex, Joe." (she said this a million times)

It is about this time in the ‘conversation’ that she starts yelling over top of Joe. 

"You like to put your penis in someone’s asshole and that’s what makes you gay." Joe states that what makes him gay is that he is attracted to men. But Stacy states:  "What makes you gay is that you put your penis in someone’s asshole.  That is what you are attracted to."  She repeats this again ("penis in an asshole").   

She seems to enjoy saying penis and asshole because she repeats it numerous times in her conversation with Joe. 

Joe then tells her he is going to hang up, and he does.  Stacy Harp then states:

"Ladies and gentlemen, that was Joe Brummer, denying that homosexuality is all about putting his penis in somebody’s asshole" (she puts special emphasis on ‘asshole.’)  "You know, it’s really interesting that, you know, he doesn’t have the guts to admit that, but now he wants to make it all about not that.  So, you know, there you go, it is just evidence that somebody who supports the fact that homosexuality is about……(there is the sound of the dial tone here) having sex with kids and stuff–unbelievable."

And it ends there. 

In fact, my guess is that she didn’t print this conversation because she sounds absolutely crazy in this recording.  She sounds smug and she sounds like a smart ass.  Joe tells her that he wants to be able to finish a sentence without her speaking over him and she said that it is ‘her dime’ even though she called to ask him questions (which one would expect that she would want answers). 

She then sends this one-sided ‘conversation’ to Guy Adams (the infamous ‘gays are having sex with kids’).

I am sick to death of Stacy Harp and her hypocrisy.  But she proves my point that people like herself are out to make money off the backs of gays and lesbians and will do anything to make money and increase their influence (which is exactly what she said the other day).  Besides, I am happy if she actually made some money off of me–not for the anti-gay propaganda that comes out of Focus on the Family, but that they might actually be spending some of their millions they bring in on helping people who actually need it–like the poor and the sick.  So I am happy to help that cause, even if it is through the grubby hands of Stacy Harp. 

Oh–and Stacy–you are EXTREMELY LUCKY that Joe and I are such nice guys.  You know that I am not lying.  So you go ahead and keep being a hypocrite.  Your God knows of your past.  You can keep calling me a liar, but you know that Biblical quote about what God thinks about liars? If you don’t I suggest you look it up. 

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One Response to So Stacy Harp Thinks I am Lying

  1. Robert says:

    Wow, I had no idea how nasty Stacy Harp is, and she still calls herself a Christian? I found nothing that she did in that phone conversation that was Christ like. It seems to me that people like Stacy, think they can be nasty and rude, and than say "I\’m praying for you", and somehow that makes them a witness for Christ. In truth our actions and how we treat each other is really our true witness of Christ as Christians.
    Stacy should be ashamed of her self!

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