No apology, Stacy?

Stacy Harp called me a liar the other day.  She said that I lied about having a copy of the conversation I had ("you must note the other lie about this conversation he “heard”" and "He won’t produce anything concerning this conversation he cited, because he can’t" and "He’ll continue being “vague” because he’s simply lying about all of the above that I quoted").  I made it clear I had a copy and tonight she made a reply to that.  But did she apologize for calling me a liar?  No.  That is not surprising–especially since it is coming from a hypocrite.  And I never said that I was going to ‘reveal a secret’ about her.  I said:

"But will Stacy show her true face to you?  I can think of a couple of sides to Stacy Harp she won’t reveal.  One I will leave unsaid.  I’ll leave Stacy to reveal her own past when she is ready to do that.  Another is that I heard a conversation that she had with a gay man and she had such a dirty mouth that she didn’t dare put it up on her blog.   All I can say to that was that it wasn’t very Christian lady-like…It makes me calling her a "*itch" pale in comparison."

She says that she was ‘jesting’ when she was ‘talking’ to Joe, but it was anything but.  I wonder if Joe thought that Stacy was joking around with him?  Telling him he was a deviant and disgusting and that he wanted to have sex with children doesn’t sound like ‘jesting’ language, but maybe that’s is how Stacy Harp jokes around with people.  I wonder if that is how she talks to Matt Barber and Peter LaBarbera?  I can just hear that conversation…"hey Peter!  Any sex with children today?  HeHeHeHe!"  What she really means is that she is lying to the people who read her blog.  She doesn’t want them to know what she is really like. 

And she still doesn’t get it (or is lying again):

"I also think that I called Joe on supporting teaching homosexuality to three year olds, which is still wrong, and of course, we all know Joe wants to do that in an “age appropriate” way, but my point is that there is not an age appropriate way to teach children about anal sex and what exactly the sexual behavior of a homosexual is."

She told Joe that he wants to teach 3 year olds about sex–and Joe repeatedly told her that that was not true.  He wanted to teach 3 year olds that there were many different kinds of people.  But Stacy was insistent that what Joe wanted to do is to teach 3 year olds about sex.  And she still insists that that is what he wanted to do. 

Also, she, as a therapist, states:

If I had to do this call over again, I probably wouldn’t say things as colorfully as I did. For example, telling Joe that him putting his penis in another mans asshole, is deviant behavior a few times. However, technically the use of penis and asshole are correct and used not in a crude way, but rather a biological way. But maybe the use of the word anus would’ve been better.

Since when is using the word ‘asshole’ is technically a biological term???  Maybe for her and her dirty mouth, but asshole is not a biological term.  In the definition of asshole you can see that it is a ‘vulgar slang.’  Vulgar Slang.  Not a correct biological term.  Get it, Stacy? 

She also says:

"It probably would be more tasteful language to stay with “anal sex”, but then again there is nothing tasteful about “anal sex” and Joe admitted he did it. And anyone that knows anything about homosexuals have sex already know that. So there’s no big news there or secret."

Again, Stacy is lying.  Joe never says he did anal sex.  Never.  But Stacy has a pretty good selective memory.  And she is lying.  You can listen to it for yourself when I post the conversation.


As for her lie she doesn’t make money–she clearly stated that she takes what I writes, shows it to her friends and her pastor and then they send money off to the Focus on the Family group.  That is what I meant when I said "So I am happy to help that cause, even if it is through the grubby hands of Stacy Harp."  I will have to do a little background financial work on FOF just like I did on another one of Stacy’s anti-gay ex-gay friend, Stephen Bennett.  She is only writing against gays and lesbians to give her more influence with people at Focus on the Family and other anti-gay groups–"Because of you I have a bigger voice and more influence, and I just want you to know that I couldn’t be happier."  She sounds very proud of her ‘influence.’  She is also proud of that ‘big voice’ of hers, which I had the distinct displeasure at listening to again tonight when I copied out some of her words to Joe…

Anyway, hopefully Stacy Harp will take my last post in to her pastor and her friends so that can read all about her comments and I hope that I can educate them a bit more on the anti-gay crusades that are sweeping through the country.  

And I await that apology for calling me a liar.  I’ll use her own words:  "I’m confident I will be waiting a very long time."

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