Stacy Harp’s Phone Call

"And I encourage Kevin to post the call if he has it. That way everyone can hear what was said and how it was said. And I stand by every word I said to Joe in the call and am not ashamed of any of it, because it was honest and I made my point, and I had fun at the time doing it, which you can tell by the jesting in my voice. I would only request you post the whole thing, minus Joe’s number….if you must."

O.k.  Since Stacy has given me permission to post the call, and Joe Brummer said it was fine with him–here it is.

When you listen to it, try and figure out where she is jesting…

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3 Responses to Stacy Harp’s Phone Call

  1. Unknown says:

    I TRIED to leave a message, and the dogs hit the keyboard LOL (not sure if it went through).
    Anyway, thanks for the nice effort, and thanks to Joe for supplying the recording. 
    I think it\’s hilarious that Stacy\’s cover is blown – just goes to show a charlatan with good acting skills can fool people into believing she\’s really a "christian".  I don\’t even think she believes the bible in the first place.  She is, however, a nutball – and nutballs know that if you ACT religious, then religious people will throw money at you.  Here\’s to the end of Stacy\’s credibility (and the end of her cash flow, from stupid people)!
    I\’m also convinced she\’s not an educated person at all, but one of these many "christian" nuts who buys these online insta-degrees.  She\’s a "marriage counselor"?  For what, some backwoods church?  Any couple asking for Stacy\’s help is asking for a divorce LOL

  2. anonymous says:

    The file has been deleted. Would it be possible for it to be uploaded again?

    • kkaatz1 says:

      Hi there. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of it. This blog used to be on Microsoft Spaces, and when that went under, it was all moved to here. Sorry about that!

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