In An Absolut World

Boy, some people just need to calm down.  Absolut Vodka had an ad campaign in Mexico that featured Mexico as it really was until 1848.  You see, Mexico owned large amounts of territory in what is now the U.S.–that includes California, New Mexico, Arizona–all of the Southwest.  They even owned Mexico until it was taken from them.  Some Americans hate to hear about that history because they bitterly complain about the ‘illegal immigrants’ that are in this country when they know that many people of Mexican descent were in their own country when the U.S. took it over.  Many of them were driven from their land.  Some stayed, and their descendants are still living here.  They aren’t ‘aliens’–they were here originally and it was Mexican territory–not U.S. territory.

Here is the ad that is causing some so much grief.  I have to say that I actually like the ad.  Now my question is, why are some people upset about this?  Absolut even apologized for it–what wimps!

Absolut Vodka Mexico

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