Another Lie…

Joe Brummer put up a very interesting post on Stacy Harp.  Definitely read it to get yet another side of Stacy Harp.  And that is the side I want to write about today.  Stacy has said that she uses what I write to raise money for anti-gay groups like Focus on the Family and she also spreads them around to people in her church and to her minister.  Well, I hope that Stacy spreads this one around. 

Back on April 3, 2008, Stacy accused me of lying.  She was proven wrong.  I don’t want to discuss that part, however.  She also stated:

And note to my readers: Watch what Kevin will do. Here’s my prediction….

  1. He will repeat some falsehood that Nelson Garcia and Joe Brummer told him about me being a “ex-lesbian”.


So Stacy Harp says that she is not an ex-lesbian and that it is a lie if someone like me, or Joe Brummer, or Nelson Garcia states it.  Today Joe posts a few of Stacy Harp’s own words.  Here they are:

“… I understand the struggle with homosexuality personally because for years I had those intense feelings for women. However, as a Christian I knew it was wrong, and so I entered therapy and during my time in therapy I came to understand why I felt that way.”

So she "understands the struggle with homosexuality personally" and "had those intense feelings for women" but yet she states that it is a lie if someone calls her an ex-lesbian?  By her own words she was a lesbian.  But by her own words, it is a lie if someone calls her an ex-lesbian?  What is the truth?  What is a lie?  Lies have a way of catching up to people, and here is a good case.  All these years she has made a constant barrage against gays and lesbians, much like DL Foster, another ex-gay.  But unlike DL Foster, she hasn’t been honest with her readers on her own past.  Well, now everyone knows the truth.  I knew this truth about her a while ago but made the decision not to write about it. I figured that if Stacy didn’t want the world to know about her lesbian past, then that was her business.  However, it was always in the back of my mind when she went on these attacks against gays and lesbians, including myself.  I always hated the fact that Stacy was a lesbian and attacking me, but leaving out a critical bit of information.  I was also attacked by other gay men for hinting at the truth but never stating it.  Or never stating it in public. 

Now I can’t finish this post without writing this:  I hope that Stacy’s minister and her friends don’t attack her for this.  She has attacked many, many gay people including myself and Joe Brummer for being gay.  She has said some horrible things and some dangerous things against gays and lesbians.  But now I hope that they know why and try to understand why she has said these things. 

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