I think I See a Flat Screen TV in my Future…

It was such a nice Saturday here.  The temperature got up into the low 80s (although the car said it was 92 and the temperature on one of the buildings said 101!–I think they were both exaggerating a bit!).  I finally got my federal taxes done and now I am just waiting for Doug to finish his.  For the very first time we have to file our State taxes as Registered Domestic Partners, or RDP as the State of California calls us.  Finally we will be able to file joint taxes together–after living together for over 16 years…

Anyway, we drove about 10 minutes north to a town called San Carlos (where my mosaic class is being held) and we wandered around a bit, had an iced coffee, and looked at cabinet and tile stores for future work on the house.  We also stopped in at PepBoys–no, not a gay dance club–an automotive store and bought some coveralls since we need to crawl under the house.  Apparently the previous owners were throwing wood under there and we need to clean it out before the termite people come.

And after dinner Doug served up a massive bowl of icecream and we sat down to watch some Home and Garden TV and after about 10 minutes our 2 year old Philips TV flashed and died.  It smelled like burning wires.  I’ve never had a tv die before.  I thought that they were nearly indestructible.  Anyway, I laughed and told Doug that it is good we didn’t hang any pictures about the tv since now we have a perfect spot for a flat screen tv!  🙂 

Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the upper 70s and I’ll have to find something to do outside in the garden.  There is a row of large shrubs which make our yard a bit more private, but we plan on tearing them out and building a concrete block wall and then putting stucco over it.  They are now flowering and I have to say they have nearly a putrid smell to them.  I was out watering the other day and it was too much to stand next to them.  I mentioned their horrible smell to Doug and he thought that it was rotting garbage somewhere.  So I will be happy when they are chopped down!

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2 Responses to I think I See a Flat Screen TV in my Future…

  1. elizabeth says:

    Isnt it wonderful to actually feel like you are a family filing as Domestic Partners . I am pleased for you bothWow shrubs thats stink that much will certainly need to go !Thank goodness I have never come across any like that.Well  go for the good Tv Kevin . I would to if here we didnt have little micro blackouts all the time .We have decided we will wait till we leave and move back to our home to invest in a good Tv.You Both Take Care and Stay Safe Tink

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Tink!
    Yep, we are pretty excited about being able to file joint taxes together.  It was a bit of a hassle because he are considered to be single for Federal taxes but a couple for State taxes. 
    And we haven\’t decided what to do about the tv.  We are both worried that it might have been the wiring of the house that was the problem.  It is an older house and I know that if I print something out in the office, the lights in there dim a bit…  That should be a good indication that we need to get someone in here to do a bit of rewiring.  I think Doug wants to do that himself–I just picked up a book titled The Complete Guide to Home Wiring (which I ordered before the tv died)…
    We\’ll see how that goes.
    Take care,

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