Garden Pics April 15

I did a bit of garden work today.  There is lots to do, but I am worried that I am going to do it all at once, so I have been pacing myself!  I took some pics today just so you could see the progression. 

Here is March 8, 2008:


Here is March 10:


Here is April 15, 2008:


The long planter box by the small porch is going crazy.  We are going to get some great tomatoes (plus daikon radish, cucumber, and beans) out of that box.  We’ve already picked about a dozen strawberries and ate them this weekend. 

Here is the progression for the back yard:

Here is March 16, 2008:


April 2:


April 15:


You can’t really see them, but the behind the furthest planter box (towards the car) I’ve planted bush cucumber and they are all coming up.  Towards the gate I’ve planted bush watermelon–they haven’t come up yet.

And in the furthest planter box I have soy beans, purple zinnias, yellow hybrid marigolds and cilantro (which hasn’t come up yet).  In the middle big box I’ve got some small ice plants, and in the tomato cage our winter squash is coming up.  In the left corner is salvia.  And in the closest box is verbenia (the flowers–I think that is how you spell them!), radishes and lettuce.  It might be too late in the year for lettuce, but I thought I would give it a try.  I’ve also just planted two dozen green onion plants in the front I grew from seed.

Anyway, this is our big experiment to see what we can grow.  I’ve got some organic red potatoes that should be going to seed soon (sprouting) and I am going to put them in that big center box and around where the trees are. 

Yes, that birdbath is still there.  The birds just love it and I keep filling for them. Here is a dove and a sparrow.  Just after I took this a robin (I think) joined them…


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One Response to Garden Pics April 15

  1. elizabeth says:

    Hi Kevin ,Am so pleased you did these progress pictures as can see the effort you have put in.Well done as it is looking very productive.Glad you are pacing yourself, as hey ideas can change and if done all at once, you may not like what you have done and then want to change some of it  …well thats like me anyway lol.Glad the bird bath is still there 😉 as to me with the birds visiting it brings a little bit of nature into the garden ….OK plants ARE nature :PI should have said Fauna I suppose  lmaoHope you are both well and having fun Take care and stay safe Tink

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