Hate, Hate, Hate

As I just commented at Joe Brummer’s blog–there must be something in the air.  The other day Stacy Harp thought her website was ‘compromised’ and this was just after she reported that some anti-gay group’s website (Capitol Resource Institute) was being attacked.  Now Peter LaBarbera is the object of ‘homosexual hate’ as well.  He posts two emails he received–one yesterday and then he makes another post of an email he received a year ago.  I think these people (and I don’t just mean Stacy Harp and Peter LaBarbera) like to think of themselves as being some kind of martyrs.  I think it is too bad that people have to write these emails to people like Peter LaBarbera.  I think the best way to deal with him is to expose his own words or at least write to the IRS and question how he uses the money he receives for his hatesite.  It is not surprising that the hateful words of these people can evoke hateful words from other people.  But I don’t think that is the way to deal with them.

Anyway, I also noticed on 365gay.com that two gay men were attacked in their apartment by a whole family of homo-haters.  Apparently a father, his daughter and his son burst into an apartment and assaulted the two men.  I wonder if these three were good little citizens who listened to similar words put forth by Stacy Harp and Peter LaBarbera?  

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