Janet Folger and Theocracy

Janet Folger, a conservative writer, posted a scary editorial at the WorldNetDaily.  It is titled "How to Win the Cultural War."  It is scary because what Folger and those who support her message want is for this country to be a theocracy, plain and simple.  What she writes can’t be described in any other way.  She uses Scripture all throughout her ‘winning view’:

I think it would look something like Genesis 1:26: "Let them have dominion over … all the earth. …"

First, we must regain control of the public debate and the battlefronts, including:

    1. the schools
    2. the universities
    3. the legislatures
    4. the courts
    5. the White House
    6. the media
    7. the music
    8. science
    9. business
    10. technology
    11. and Hollywood

Janet Folger takes a passage from Genesis on how mankind should have dominion over the animals and all that is in it and twists it to mean that Christians should have dominion over all other people on the earth.  From her list she wants to control everything from education to science to the media.  She isn’t describing a democracy–she is describing a theocracy. 

She continues and uses another Old Testament passage:

Second, we must move from defense to offense.

The Lord your God has given you this land to take possession of it. – Deuteronomy 2:18b

In each battle, we pour out all our time, all our energy and all our money just to try and keep what we already had. But in a defensive posture, even when we "win," we lose. You see, if they set a dozen brushfires, and we put out nine, we still have a net loss of three. When we "win" in defensive mode, we gain nothing.

Again, this passage is talking about the Hebrews taking possession of Palestine, but she twists it to mean that Christians in the U.S. should take possession of all the land and all the people living in it.  This is scary stuff.

And what kind of a country does she want it to be?  I’ll give her entire list:

Imagine for a moment that you had all the resources you needed. What would our demands be?

  1. We demand an end to abortion – now.
  2. We demand Planned Parenthood be defunded and pay back all tax money received where they have violated state statutory rape reporting laws.
  3. We demand marriage between a man and a woman remain the only recognized, protected and subsidized union. All counterfeit unions will not to be legally recognized.
  4. Freedom of religion will be practiced unhindered in every facet of America including public schools, the workplace, media, Internet and the public square.
  5. Freedom of speech will not be relegated to "zones" but rather practiced in every corner of society including schools, the workplace, media, Internet and the public square.
  6. Judges who usurp their authority will be automatically removed from office.
  7. Executive officers and legislatures shall not obey illegal court decisions but rather remove the judges who made them.
  8. We demand that any school who puts a minor in harm’s way in violation of all 50 state laws by promoting dangerous behavior, including homosexuality and abortion, will automatically lose its public funding.
  9. Creationism will be taught in public schools as an alternative theory.
  10. The government school monopoly will be broken with tax vouchers for parents to choose their child’s education including homeschooling.


She is describing a theocracy, run by "christians" like herself (except in a Christian theocracy a woman like herself would have no say in matters–I guess Janet Folger hasn’t thought about the actions she is calling for).  She wants judges removed from office if they don’t agree with her agenda.  Any legislation that she disagrees with should be tossed.  She wants education to be controlled by Christians of her kind and wants schools shut down that teach what she doesn’t like.  She wants the religious idea of creationism taught as a science and if they don’t, she wants the schools shut down. 

Look at her list again, and all of us in this country who believe in democracy and free speech (even for those who hate gays and lesbians) should be very afraid of Janet Folger and those who support her.  She wants to overthrow the government we have and replace it with a theocracy.  You know what I think we should do with her words?  Contact your elected officials.  Send them her agenda (and this is an agenda that is supported by many others like her).  Talk to them about the dangers of these people to our way of life.  Spread her words far and wide and let the people have a say in whether or  not our country should be turned into a theocracy.  People like her always look back to the founding fathers, but what she is describing is exactly the opposite of what they created.  We have to use our right to free speech before people like Janet Folger and those like her take ours away.

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