No Stacy Harp, Desmond Tutu is Correct

Stacy Harp, the ex-lesbian by her own words, is having a hissy fit over the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  She claims he is "unbiblical" when he stated:

“It is impossible to keep quiet when people are frequently hounded…vilified, molested and even killed as targets of homophobia…for something they did not choose-their sexual orientation.” The Nobel Peace Prize recipient praised LGBT people for being “compassionate, caring, self-sacrificing and refusing to be embittered.”


Stacy then has the nerve to mention me and Joe Brummer (I’ve slightly amended this by taking out one word):

Really, LGBT people are “compassionate, caring, self-sacrificing and refusing to be embittered”? What planet is Mr. TuTu living on? Has he seen the vile, wicked, slanderous email, or blog entries people have written against me, Peter LaBarbera, Stephen Bennett, Randy Thomas, Alan Chambers and others.

Please Mr. Tutu, give me a ring and I’ll show you the truth about how uncompassionate, uncaring, unself-sacrificing and totally embittered homosexuals like Joe Brummer and Dr. Kevin Kaatz are – and if they are an indication of the masses of homosexuals out there, well, need I say more. The google search on their names alone will reveal a truth Mr. Tutu is willfully ignorant of.

(I do find it interesting that she mentions herself along with other ex-gays Stephen Bennett, Randy Thomas, Alan Chambers–and she also mentions Peter LaBarbera.  Is she revealing something about Peter LaBarbera we don’t know about?)

Anyway, I had to laugh when she called me uncompassionate, uncaring, unself-sacrificing and totally embittered.  Really, maybe Stacy Harp was looking in the mirror when she said these things.  Let’s take a look at some of her more compassionate, caring, self-sacrificing and loving comments (and I would love to send that phone call to Archbishop Tutu before he calls Stacy Harp so he can hear what a good little Christian she really is):

Stacy: You totally write about me personally. You put my name all over your website…
Joe: If that’s what you want to believe…
Stacy: You’re obsessed with me, I think you-you really like me. I think you want to have a relationship with me, frankly.
Joe: Wow, that’s out there, but okay.
Stacy: Oh wait, either that or…
Joe: You can believe whatever you would like to believe…
Stacy: Either that Joe, or you know what, you want to have a relationship with little three year old kids. I honestly cannot believe that you support teaching homosexuality and about homosexual sex to three year olds. Do you know how sick that is?
Joe: I don’t support teaching sex to three year olds!


Stacy: You’re in total denial. And for you to enjoy sex with a man, you know, whether it’s anal or oral, whatever the heck it is you do, that’s just wrong. It’s perverted – It’s disgusting – It’s unnatural – and you know it.


Stacy: Homosexuality is all about sex, and that’s disgusting. You don’t teach sex to three year olds. I’m sorry, but that just is not appropriate. You do not do that.

Stacy: It’s not a lie, it’s totally the truth. That’s what makes you gay, is that you like to put your penis in somebody’s asshole. That’s what makes you gay.


Stacy: No, you know it’s…so let me ask you something…
Joe: Regardless, I now have less than fifteen minutes to get myself out the door.
Stacy: So if you putting your penis…
Joe: I’m hanging up now.
Stacy: …in somebody’s asshole, and this isn’t about sex…
Joe: I am not going to have a sexual conversation with you.
Stacy: …then I don’t know what is.


Stacy: Putting your penis in somebody’s asshole…
Joe: …to have a sexual conversation with you.
Stacy: …is all about anal sex, and that’s what you do…
Joe: Stacy, you have a nice day.
Stacy: …right? That’s exactly what you do.
Joe: Have a nice day, thank you for calling.
Stacy: That’s what you do.

Stacy Harp: Ladies and gentlemen, that was Joe Brummer, denying, that homosexuality, is all about putting his penis, in somebody’s asshole. You know, and uh, it’s really interesting, that you know, he doesn’t have the guts to admit that, but now he wants to make it all about, not that. So, you know, there ya go, I mean this is just evidence that somebody who supports the fact that homosexuality is about um-is about um, you know having kids, having sex with kids, ‘n stuff, unbelievable.

You can also see some of her loving comments here.  Here are just a few:

I will continue to financially support his ministry, and put up with the hate speech and lies about me from the homosexuals that are trapped in this deadly and sickening lifestyle and who continue to spread their intolerance for my point of view online.


Homosexuals that are trying to change the culture, change laws, indoctrinate children, lie to people in church, etc, are perfect examples of people who love themselves and not God. Because it’s all about them and their “rights”, their “feelings”, their “truth”, their “rules”, their “values” and their “wants and lustful desires”. And dare I say that the list above, as written in that scripture, describes the homosexual activists to a t!

So I am uncompassionate, uncaring, unself-sacrificing and totally embittered?  That makes me laugh. 🙂  Her own words condemn her.  She also supports a nationally recognized hate group, the Traditional Values Coalition.  Need I say more?

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One Response to No Stacy Harp, Desmond Tutu is Correct

  1. Joe says:

    I suppose I could be more compassionate.   We all could be more compassionate.   I struggle with the fact Stacy focused on what she has.   She didn\’t mention the parts of Tutu\’s speech that address the  murder of gays, but focused focused on comparing you and I to his comments about being compassionate.   I feel anguished that she could ignore the murder of some to take pop shots at a few.  I don\’t really mind the remarks about me being unself-sacrificing or uncomassionate.   Stacy doesn\’t really know me that well.  She doesn\’t know if I am compassionate or it I am self-sacrifcing  or embittered.   Her words would hurt me if I thought for a moment they were true, but I know they are not.   She is reacted to her anger that the phone call was posted.  She never wanted it posted, or she would have done it herself.   That was her intention.   She is angry that her need for understanding isn\’t being met.   I think she believes that we don\’t understand her and that we are attacking her.   That is far from the truth.
    I am always trying in my life to be compassionate, but more than anything I am trying to provide others with empathy when I can.   I would ask the same of Stacy.  
    Be the change you wish to see in the world (Gandhi), if you want a world where people are compassionate, then you need to be compassionate.  If you want a world where people fight fair, then you have to fight fare.  If you want a world where people are self-sacrificing, then you need to be self-sacrificing.   I have lived by this for many years now.   I may fail as often as I succeed, but I at least try.   I would ask Stacy (and others like her) to do the same.

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