Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

It appears that the anti-gay activists have pulled in enough signatures to get an anti-gay marriage amendment put on the California ballot in November.  The astonishing thing isn’t that they got the signatures–there are enough people out there who pretend to be Christian and when they are asked to sign a petition that seems to imply they are anti-Christian if they do not, then they will sign–but that they found $1.5 million dollars to put it on the ballot.  I find this pretty disgusting, especially with all the problems with the economy.  There are homeless people out there.  There are children who are abused.  There are people who could really use some help, but will these people who donated $1.5 million donate the same or more to these causes?  Probably not.  They are motivated by ignorance and in some cases, hate.  They don’t really care that millions of people in California are going to be going through some hard times, especially with all the foreclosures and job losses that are about to hit.  Hopefully voters will realize that and see what the real issue is–religious persecution.  Hopefully they will ask themselves that if gays and lesbians are the targets now, who is next?  They will assuredly start to go after unmarried straight people.  They will go after single women with children.  They will go against anyone who disagrees with their religious views. 

The problem with these ballot measures is that even if this one fails, it will be put to the voters until people are tired of the issue and it finally passes.  Unfortunately for these anti-gay people, it is probable that this time it will fail.  Polls are starting to show that Californians are becoming more comfortable with the idea the gays and lesbians can and should be able to marry.  The sky isn’t going to fall.  The only thing that will fall is the amount of money going into the coffers of these anti-gay groups.

The good news out of all of this is that the days of these anti-gay people being in the majority are numbered.  Young people realize that some people are different–that doesn’t make them evil, or sinful or in league with the devil.  Times are changing, just like times changed against those who supported slavery and segregation. 

And one to remember about the supporters of this anti-gay amendment–one is the Traditional Values Coalition, a nationally recognized hate organization.

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