Chesterstreet Attacks

I see that Mark at Chesterstreet has attacked Rob twice in the past week (April 18 and April 21).  This was all in response to a post that Rob did called Home and Faith.  In it Rob talks about his journey to the Episcopal Church.  Mark didn’t like this at all.  In fact he calls Rob a ‘false convert,’ states that his faith is ‘fake,’ thinks that Rob calling himself a Christian is ‘meaningless’ and ridiculously enough, a ‘former Christian.’ 

But what lies behind this attack (and he attacks Joe Brummer too) is that Mark can’t accept the fact that Rob is no longer an ex-gay (and according to Rob’s words he was never really an ex-gay in the first place).  I think Mark spent quite a bit of time with Rob while he was an ex-gay and probably believed that he was doing some good in ‘saving’ Rob.  However, that wasn’t the case and Mark is now lashing out at Rob. 

Mark also believes that no one actually thinks about religion except for himself.  He states that Joe Brummer is an atheist because of some willy-nilly feeling.  He doesn’t believe that Joe actually thought about Christianity and rejected it because he thought about it.  He thinks Rob left his ex-gayness because feelings–and that he never really used reason.  For Mark, once you accept it you can never really leave it because of using reason.  Many of us have rejected Christianity because we do think about it.  That isn’t to say that people are Christians who don’t think.  I’m not implying that at all.  Joe talked about his personal experience and told his story about why he left Christianity. Anyone who reads his story will see that he did think about it. 

Well, my thoughts on that Mark can believe what he wants to.  He is upset that Rob is no longer an ex-gay and for Mark, this means that Rob is no longer Christian.  Mark has been listening to his ex-gay buddy DL Foster way too much.  DL and Mark believe that you cannot be Christian and gay at the same time. If that is the case, then you can’t be divorced and Christian at the same time (and that would certainly cut out a large percentage of the Christian population in this country).  You can’t be a liar and a Christian (now that would REALLY cut out most people who claim to be Christian–in particular I’m thinking about all these politicians like Sally Kern).  And the list goes on. 

What Mark is really saying is that if you can’t be like him, if you can’t believe in the same way, shape and form as he does, then you are not a Christian.  Of course, that type of Christian fits in perfectly with lots of other Christian groups.  If you don’t believe in my way, then you aren’t Christian at all. It also fits in with the history of Christianity.  Mark just fits in with a long time of people who believed the same thing that he does.  And all that does is cause strife. 

I don’t really care what Mark believes.  If he is happy with his beliefs, then fine.  But I have to wonder what Mark is trying to do when he wrote what he did against Rob and Joe.  Does he really think that Rob and Joe are going to come running back to Mark’s form of Christianity when he calls Rob a ‘former Christian’ or a fake?  I find that unlikely.  And that is part of the problem with these people who think they are Christian–they give mixed messages.  You can’t really expect someone to think about Christianity while at the same time beating them over the head.  It just won’t work.

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3 Responses to Chesterstreet Attacks

  1. Robert says:

    It\’s interesting, I have discussed this situation with several people who are not in the Blogging world, adn they find the things that Mark and Stacy do to be wrong and not Christian like. Tonight I talked about what Mark said about me not being a Christian, and it was very laughable.
    Mark is welcome to keep on making his posts, just like Stacy, it\’s all about him, not really being Christ like.

  2. Justin says:

    Marks attack on Rob is not uncommon for him and people like him who are leaglist just as the pharisees were.  Mark is simply trying to justify his miserable life to some G-d he and others have created in their own image. Mark etal take the most simple of verses and twist,contort, and try to bend them to their way of belief what ever that may be. 
    It is not uncommon for people like Mark and Stacy who are miserabl in their own failures to continually attack others and transpose their failures on to others.  In seminary I was given some words of wisdom by a Jesuit that have tuck with me through the years "If there was no G-d then man would create one."  And have they ever created one of hate and spite.
    I was proud of Robs response to Mark and will say it showed more christianity and maturity than these two will ever know.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin,
    I am pretty happy with Rob\’s response as well.  He could have said it in a much meaner way, but he didn\’t.  I should take a pointer or two from his response!  🙂

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