Way too busy…

This has been a busy week and busy weekend. On Saturday we crawled under the house to pull out all the old wood that had been left there, probably since the house was built.  We then drove to San Francisco (only 30 minutes north) and had dinner with some friends.  One of them just got his green card, so we celebrated and then out after that.

This week I have been swamped.  All of my classes had assignments due, so I have been grading like crazy.  And this week one of the colleges I teach for online required everyone to take an online pedagogy course.  It started Monday and ends Sunday.  There are some assignments to do and a quiz–it has been a long time since I have been in a class and had my own assignments to do!  Anyway, I think I have those all done.  Now I just have to take the quiz, which I’ll do this weekend.

A couple of weeks ago I started taking a mosaic making course and that has been fun.  I’ve been trying to get a spare hour or two just to play around with it, but this week it has been almost impossible.  The course is on Thursday evenings, so it is a nice break from everything.  But I will have to put in some extra time with it since next week is the last course and they are supposed to be finished and then we grout.  I’m not even close to being finished…

Not sure what we are going to do this weekend.  I am ready for a little getaway, so I’ll have to think of somewhere to drive to.  Unfortunately gas is now about $4.00 a gallon everywhere around here.  But fortunately our car has been getting 45 miles/gallon–otherwise we wouldn’t be driving very much.

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