I had to laugh today at a post made by my favorite ex-gay, anti-gay blogger, Stacy Harp.  She says that she has received "numerous “violent” messages from these disturbed people because of a phone call that was posted where I described sodomy in it’s truest terms."  Now I have to wonder why she put quotation marks around violent.  What that means is that they weren’t really violent.  She likes to make herself out to be a martyr.  She used quotation marks around this just like other anti-gay people put quotation marks around the word gay when they don’t really believe that gay people exist (her good friend Peter LaBarbera does this all the time).  So did she really receive violent messages or were they "violent" messages?  She is the one who put the quotes are that word–not me.

But that isn’t what I was laughing about.  Some woman named Cao (pronounced Key) wrote in defense of Stacy Harp. Clear Cao doesn’t keep up with Stacy’s blog very much.  Here is a bit of her defense:

Stacy has a tremendous amount of courage to face down these people and call them out on their lies and the mind tricks they’re playing on people in order to promote their agenda. Some of the pictures of these people and how they have doctored up photos of their opponents demonstrates the juvenile position, and how they have little to back themselves up; except hatred and nastiness.

What is funny about this?  Just yesterday Stacy Harp put up a doctored picture of Jeremy Hooper from GAY (Good As You).  Jeremy writes about this just today and Stacy made his face red because she thought Jeremy had doctored a photo her used for Stacy.  But what Jeremy did was take a screen shot from one of Stacy’s own videos–and he didn’t doctor it at all.  Whoops.  I guess Stacy didn’t recognize herself. 

Anyway, so Cao thinks that people who put up doctored photos are juvenile they really are and shows how little they have to back themselves up.  Yep, that would describe Stacy Harp…

And this is the same Cao who the other day said that women shouldn’t be in the army because they are weak but at the same time has a picture of Sarah Conner dressed up in military clothing and holding a machine gun (I wish I had noticed this before, but I saw it mentioned at NG Blog).  I mean really–do these people just not think about what they say???

And to add to this, she also makes this statement:

"The tactic of calling someone else names which you qualify for- seems to be the modus operendi of leftists today."

And just a couple of lines below she states this:

Excuse me, but it appears to me as though these freaks are getting plenty of positive press.

I am just having a hard time from not laughing out loud…


Oh, and here is the "threatening" email Stacy received:

"Now everyone knows how much of a liar you are. Check it out Exgaywatch, Good As You and Pams House Blend all have blogged about your harassing phone call to Joe. Did you know that he could press charges against you for harassing him on the phone. I know you would most definetly if one of us harassed you on the phone like you did him. Why don’t you post the audio on your blog so your readers can hear the truth for themselves. Why not let the evidence speak for itself Stacy."

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2 Responses to Juvenile

  1. Scott says:

    What\’s makes this "Cao" even more hilarious is she\’s a straight-up dyke, and a holocaust revisionist. 

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey!  Yeah, I saw her use of the Pink Swastika.  I tried to listen to one of her shows, but I just couldn\’t take it…

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