Obama and the Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign here in California–Parallels


This anti-gay marriage issue that will be on the ballot in November has really been bugging me.  Very few things manage to wake me up early in the morning thinking about, but this issue did that the other day.  And I have to say, I can’t help but think of what Obama said the beginning of the month and how it relates to those who live in California who want the State Constitution actually amended so their religious views can be law of the land:

"And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

The economy in California has gone sour.  A major reason for that is the oil companies.  Gasoline is almost $4/gallon here (I paid $3.92 last night) so people don’t have as much money as they would have.  That has led to this mortgage meltdown (well, this at least is my take on things).  And Bush is to blame for most of it.  So you have a large number of Republicans who know that their days are numbered in terms of being in power.  There is no way that McCain is going to be elected.  The country has been run dry by Bush and his Republican party.  So naturally these people try to swing their attention to something they think they can control–other people’s lives.  They think gay people are very different from them.  Thanks to groups like the nationally recognized hate group Traditional Values Coalition and Focus on the Family, they have been told the gay people are the spawn of the devil and do not deserve any rights, much less the right to marry.  It is no surprise to me that these very same people are very anti-immigrant.  So anyone who is different is going to be a target.  And this time around it is gays and lesbians. 

As I said the other day, I find it disgusting that these people could donate $1.6 million–and for what?  All they did was line the pockets of a few individuals, their "non-profits" and their companies.  Did it really cost $1.6 million dollars to gather 1 million signatures?  Hardly.  Someone got rich off of this and it wasn’t the "traditional" family who signed these petitions.  It is no surprise that the widow of Senator Knight has a big hand in this..

Now it begins.  Will Californians turn down this ballot issue?  They probably will.  Most of these signatures came from southern California, a Republican stronghold.  They hardly had any signup areas in the rest of the state (and the places where they did have signup areas were in Catholic churches).  And luckily, even though the demonization of gays and lesbians continues, the youth of this state see it differently.  Things will change.  Schwarzenneger opposes this anti-gay marriage ballot even though he refuses to make marriage legal for all citizens when the legislature approves it.  He won’t be governor forever and eventually we will have a Democrat here.  And things will change.   The good will always win out.  It is just too bad that it takes so long to win. 

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