Mark Responds, I Counter…

Mark at Chesterstreet made a response to some comments I left at his blog.  I just want to clarify a few things:

A.  Mark states:

"If one refers to "gays and lesbians" – they may or may not be referring to all those who have same sex attractions and celebrate those feelings – it is obviously a desire, not a birth right."

I find it interesting that Mark can state something like this without knowing me or probably any gay person.  He claims, following people like DL Foster, that being gay is a desire or really a choice and that one is not born gay.  He has stated before he isn’t speaking from experience, and I believe him.  However, it is a birth right and not a choice or a desire.  You can turn this argument around and state that heterosexuality is a desire and not a birth right.  Those who think being gay is based on a desire or a choice are either 1) lying; 2) have no clue what they are talking about.  Those who claim it is a choice are usually ex-gays and there aren’t very many of them out there that are cured from their "choice"–they constantly talk about how they are tempted and so on.  This shows (at least to me) that they are innately gay and struggling with not wanting to be gay.  They do make a choice–to not act out being gay and to try their hardest to be something they are not.

For Mark and Stacy Harp (and the list goes on) being gay is all about sex.  That is all they can think about–Stacy’s conversation is all you need to hear.  But Mark cannot speak for me and make a sweeping statement like that–he might think he knows what he is talking about, but in this case he doesn’t.

B.  Mark states:

"Say Hi to your "buddy" Nelson Garcia"

Note to Mark–Nelson Garcia is not my buddy.  Maybe you haven’t been keeping up with NG’s blog.  Please don’t refer to him as my buddy in the future. 

C.  Mark states:

"My point – one day you will be forced to acknowledge there is an absolute Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, Holy and Wicked – it is not subject to culture, education, labels, self descriptions, or time in history."

People live in culture.  They are educated, whether they go to school or not.  They put labels on everything.  They have descriptions for themselves.  And they keep track of time and live in time and can only live in time.  Only in a sci-fi book can you describe people who may not live in a human culture.  Mark doesn’t like to think about the Biblical texts as ancient manuscripts that have been painfully put back together to form what he believes is God’s Word.  I can only explain it to him and then he can accept it or reject it.  But that is what the Bible is today.  There is no debate about this.  You only have people who refuse to look at the facts.

And to live in a world of absolutes always leads to conflict.  You have "good" people on one side and they are always against the "evil" people.  You have the "holy" who are chosen and saved and the "evil" who are unsaved and going to hell or who have already been cast into hell.  People who believe they are holy and saved and special are a danger to those who do not believe in the same way.  We are seeing this now in the same-sex marriage debate.  You can hear it in Sally Kern’s words:  gays and lesbians are evil and terrorists and need to be dealt with.  You can see this in the multiple wars that have been fought over religion–the Crusades, the battles between the different kinds of Catholicism, the battles between the Catholics and the Protestants, both at the beginning of the split and recently in Ireland, the battles between the Hindus and the Christians, the Hindus and the Buddhists, and the list goes on.  These wars are fought between people who believe they are saved against those they believe are evil.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all just recognized that we all have different beliefs and would like to live in peace if those beliefs differ?

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3 Responses to Mark Responds, I Counter…

  1. Laura says:

    Hi there,
    I like your last statement.  People are too judgemental these days.  If you don\’t believe the way they do then something has to be wrong with you.  I have seen this in many people.  I also wonder why they have to do that.  Is it that they are so insecure with themselves that they have to try to convince people to be like them?  

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Laura!
    I think people are too judgemental too.  I\’ve found though that once you actually meet them face-to-face, that seems to change a bit.  I\’m not sure why people are like that…
    Tell everyone we said hi!

  3. Laura says:

    Check out my new blog pictures.  It was Mike\’s Prom.

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