The All Knowing, The All Seeing…

Some people really go a bit far in their religion and they start to play and act like an all-know, all seeing god.  Mark at Chesterstreet is a good example.  He knows all about my life, apparently.  He even knows that day that I became gay–he knows the day I made the choice in my life to be either gay or straight.  He must have been flying overhead the day when I stood at an the gay-straight intersection and made my decision go be gay.  It is a decision, is it not?  So therefore I must have made that decision, didn’t I?  Isn’t that what ‘to choose’ really means?

Maybe Mark will give a look into his crystal ball and will now tell me the exact hour, the exact day and the exact year, plus the geographical location, when I made my decision.  I’ll be waiting for an answer.  And then I won’t have to read the horoscopes anymore–I’ll just leave a question here for Mark and he can tell me since he knows all.


Give me a break.  As I stated a couple of days ago, for some people in certain branches of Christianity, they are told to believe being gay is a choice–otherwise their God created gay people.  Some swallow that hook, line and sinker, and by God, they are going to stick with it.  Fine for them, but not all of us have to swallow that. 

I could really care less about the whole gay gene thing.  I didn’t choose.  Maybe that makes it genetic?  Who knows?  When they find the straight gene (which should be easier because there are more of them around), then maybe I will become more interested in the whole gene argument since then they will be able to do a real comparison.  And what if it is genetic?  Then clearly all these anti-gay people will have to find other excuses for persecuting gays and lesbians.  What if it turns out to be a choice?  Then it should be protected in the Constitution just like their choice of religion is.  There isn’t a gene for Christianity, is there?  Nope.  It is a choice.  But they need to remember that just because they made their choice of which religion they are in, it doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be forced under their way of thinking. 

So I await for a detailed description of when I made my "choice."

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2 Responses to The All Knowing, The All Seeing…

  1. elizabeth says:

    Well at least then you will know the exact time you were born if you ever get a reply 😉 lmao

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Tink!
    Hahahaha!  I hadn\’t thought of that!  I\’ll have to use it if he ever looks into that crystal ball of his.  Of course, then I will have to remind him that according to Leviticus 20:27: A man or a woman who is a medium or a wizard shall be put to death; they shall be stoned to death, their blood is upon them.
    That probably won\’t go over very well, but I hear that Leviticus crap all the time!  🙂 
    Take care,

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