This is the Funniest Thing I have Read in Weeks:


Take heart: people confident in their ideas don’t storm opponents’ speeches. Rather, they listen intently to them, and then present another viewpoint to compete in the marketplace of ideas. In the long run, homosexualists can’t compete with truth, and they seem to know it.

This was written by none other that Peter LaBarbera, at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.   So I assume this means that Peter LaBarbera listens intently?  What about his storming of the Folsum Street Fair, filming it and then trying to shut it down?  What about his undercover work at the Leather fairs (and one is coming up in Chicago, so I imagine that Peter is starting to get a bit exciting about that) and then trying to shut them down?  What about his work trying to keep gays and lesbians from getting married?  Or being bullied?  What about his glowing report of Ken Hutcherson protesting at a school that was rallying against bullying by people like Ken Hutcherson?  Please. 

Here is a picture of his buddy Ken Hutcherson outside of a school, during school hours:

Ken Hutcherson 


Peter LaBarbera can’t complain about a group of people (or maybe just one–I won’t go to the MassResistance site because they have been declared a hate organization) banging pots and pans.  Here you have Ken Hutcherson, with a bull horn, in front of a school. 

The people protesting Ryan Sorba weren’t trying to take away the rights of a whole mass of people, like he does, like Ken Hutcherson does, and this Ryan Sorba, who is making the rounds at various colleges trying to cash in on the anti-gay paranoia in the country. 

Peter Labarbera also states:

Homosexual activists are afraid of critical ideas

I think that is pretty funny too, mostly because I haven’t seen a single ‘critical’ idea come out of this whole anti-gay group, especially this Ryan Sorba.  His speech that he gave contains nothing new–it is just old lies rehashed and he is trying to make a buck or two of the backs of gays and lesbians.  Yawn.

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3 Responses to This is the Funniest Thing I have Read in Weeks:

  1. Robert says:

    Interesting thing. Brendan Steinhauser (a close friend of Ryan Sorba) has accused me of trying to silence Ryan Sorba over the Smith College protest. What is funny is I had no idea about the Smith College protest, until I found a link of his claiming that I was supporting silencing Ryan Sorba.  What is more interesting is since than, Brendan and his loyal followers have hit my blog more than 200 times, some leaving comments, but all not addressing the points I made about Ryan Sorba\’s argument being flawed. I guess even for the religious right, it gets difficult after a while to defend a lie or half truth!

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Rob,
    I find it totally incredible that anyone can be accused of silencing that guy.  I\’m sure they haven\’t specifically stated how you were silencing him…  Besides, he travels around so much with his anti-gay circus that it would be impossible to silence him.

  3. Scott says:

    That\’s a damn lie, because it\’s impossible to silence Ken Hutcherson\’s big mouth. 
    You could even duct tape that gator of his shut, and you\’d still be able to hear him loud and clear.

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