More of Crystal Dixon

If you remember, Crystal Dixon is working (worked???) in the Human Resources Dept. at the University of Toledo.  Her job is to make sure that all are treated equally.  However, she doesn’t believe that gays and lesbians should have civil rights because like a lot of other anti-gay people, she believes that being gay is a choice.  Again, notice that her CHOICE of religion is protected, but she doesn’t mention that (maybe she hasn’t thought out it before).

A letter by an anti-gay professor is making the rounds.  Boy, can that guy go on and on about anything but the issue.  He writes a letter of over 3,000 words (!).  I doubt the president of the University of Toledo has the patience to get through it.  I barely did and I have the time to do it.  You can read it here.  He too believes that being gay is a choice:

"Ms. Dixon is absolutely right that sexual orientation is not akin to race or sex. Unlike a homosexual orientation, race and sex are 100% congenitally predetermined, cannot be fundamentally changed in their essence by cultural influences, and are not a primary or direct desire for behavior that is incompatible with embodied structures."

"Incompatible with embodied structures"?  Oh boy.   His letter has nothing to do with the fact that it is her JOB to protect all people in the university–not just those who follow her own religion (which, as I said above, is her choice).  If she can’t perform the job she is paid to do, then she should be let go.  Undoubtedly Ms. Dixon can make a few bucks traveling around in the anti-gay circus circuit.   I’m sure she is lining up interviews and speaking engagements as we speak…

Here is what Kim Welter had to say in the Toledo Free Press.  I couldn’t have said it better:

Kim Welter, program manager for education and outreach for Equality Ohio, an advocacy group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens, said in a statement, “I respect everyone’s individual religious beliefs; however, this is an issue in the public sphere which involves law abiding, tax-paying citizens of this state, who often experience life as second-class citizens. It is unfortunate that someone who works in Human Resources for the University of Toledo would publicly express beliefs more appropriate for her place of worship.”

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One Response to More of Crystal Dixon

  1. elizabeth says:

    I thougt wow a great statement from Kim Welter till the last line …"express beliefs more appropriate for her place of worship.” She lost me there sorry

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