The Weekend

We didn’t do very much on Saturday–in fact right now I can’t even remember it except for the late afternoon when we went to Home Depot to buy all the supplies to finally paint our bedroom.  I imagined all we would have to do is buy the paint and a brush and slap it on the walls and ceiling.  Of course, that never happens (just like Plug and Play never really works).  So we got Chocolate Sparkle for the wall behind the bed and Fossil Butte for the rest of the walls (you can see these colors at the Behr website).  So far we have the room prepped as far as filling in the cracks and smoothing out some small marks in the drywall.  Tonight (or maybe later today) we’ll wash the ceilings and walls down and then we’ll start painting.  The painting will be a slow process since Doug doesn’t get home until after 7 pm, but I imagine by this weekend it will be finished.  It should look totally different than the white walls we have now.  I still haven’t decided what kind of window treatments we’ll have (yes, you can see that I watch Home and Garden TV and they don’t call them curtains anymore!).  I’m thinking a Roman blind or something similar.  The problem is that one window is 6 feet long and 3 feet high, so I don’t know how a Roman blind would work there.  But after that I want to get two small dressers/night stands and a ceiling fan (it is supposed to be 95 here on Thursday–we’re sleeping in the front bedroom until the painting is finished).  But it is nice to finally be working on the inside of the house.


And now on to other news–Joe Brummer has written a couple of good posts and I can definitely understand his frustration.  I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated too, especially when I think about all the bad things happening, not only here but in other countries, and all these anti-gay people can think of is to ban gays and lesbians from getting married and adopting children and getting equal rights.  And now to hear the Huckabee may be McCain’s running mate really turns my stomach.  If you think the Bush regime was bad, I can’t even imagine what it is going to be like for me and Doug and the rest of our gay and lesbian friends if someone like Huckabee gets into the White House.  They might as well just convert the White House into one, big, fundamentalist church…But with any luck, there won’t be a Republican any where near the Capital after the upcoming election.  It sounds like they are in for a major stomping.

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