Support Our Troops???

Stacy Harp has a post up today that is absolutely ridiculous and a real slap in the face to all of our soldiers who are over there fighting for her rights to sit in her chair and complain about how awful gays and lesbians are.  She titles her post "Support Our Troops" and how does she want people to support the troops?  Not by stopping the war.  Not by making sure they receive their due when they get home, including medical care and transition help back into society.  Not by supporting their spouses and partners.  Not by making sure troops who are back in the U.S. receive proper medical care. 

Nope, she wants people to go to a rabididly anti-gay woman’s site named "The Center for Military Readiness" run by Elaine Donnelly.  She wants people to send the President and the Members of Congress this letter:

I am proud of our troops and respect their mission at home and overseas.  Our nation’s military should not be used as a tool to advance the goals of gay activist groups.  Forcing a sexual agenda on the armed forces would hurt discipline and morale.  Congress passed a law confirming that homosexuals are not eligible to serve in the military.  As an American, I ask that you uphold this law to help protect and preserve our military.

There is a picture of her and the words:  "Americans insisted that congress protect us from this attack" (with ‘this attack’ in a bigger font). 

I am fuming right now.  This woman and those who support her aren’t interested in the troops.  They are only interested in keeping the lucrative posts that ride of the back of gays and lesbians (see below about this Center for Military Readiness that is run by Elaine Donnelly).  And this Elaine Donnelly must be an idiot–the law does not state that gays and lesbians are not eligible to serve in the military.  It states that they can serve but they just can’t talk about it.  That is what Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell actually is all about.  Maybe she needs to climb out from that rock she has been living under under.  Better yet, hopefully she will just stay there and maybe a few more will join her.  We’ll be a better country for it. 

Many other militaries allow gays and lesbians–Britain, Israel (!) and Australia.  All of them are allies of the U.S.  Their militaries have not suffered from discipline and morale problems.  The only people who are having morale problems over this issue is people like Stacy Harp and Elaine Donnelly.  We just happen to live in a country where religious fundamentalism rules–at least for the time being.

As I said, these people don’t care about the troops at all.  If they did, they would be complaining about real issues instead of this.  Shame on all of them.  I hope someone contacts the troops to let them know how much they are really cared about by certain groups of people. 


About the Center for Military Readiness, run by Elaine Donnelly, which of course is a 501(c)3 non-profit:

Last year, according to Guidestar (whose information is free and open to the public), she managed to pull in nearly $300,000.  She managed to spend about $235,000 of that money.  Some of it went to her salary (close to $60,000).  Not surprisingly, it is a family affair.  Her husband Terry takes care of the accounting (at least for their 2006 and 2005 990 tax form).    She also spent another nearly $64,000 on salaries, of which there is no record on the tax form to whom this was paid to.  So out of $300,000 she took it, 1/6th of it went directly to her and more than 1/6th of it went to some unnamed people.

$10,000 was spent on accounting fees

$22,000 on Supplies

over $6,000 on phone bills

(nothing on postage or occupancy–I wonder if this center is run out of her basement???).

Nearly $16,000 on Printing and publications (if she did not spend a dime on postage, what happened to everything that was printed?).

She spent just over $14,000 on travel and just over $11,000 on ‘conferences, conventions and meetings’

She also spent nearly $13,000 on ‘other’ expenses:

about $7,000 on Contract Labor

$400 on advertising

about $3,000 on License and fees

and about $2,500 on insurance. 

What I want to know is who else is being paid in this non-profit?  My guess is it really is a family affair, just like the American (Don Wildmon) Family Association…


What I also find interesting is Part III of the tax form.  It asks:  "During the year, has the organization attempted to influence national, state, or local legislation, including any attempt to influence public opinion on a legislative matter or referendum?  If yes, enter the total expense paid or incurred."  The answer for that?  NO.  What???  There must be a law for lying on tax forms.  All this so-call Center does is try and influence public opinion.  Just look above at that letter! 


And taking a quick glance at their 2005 990 tax returns, Elaine Donnelly had quite a good year in 2006.  Her little site brought in only about $165,000 in 2005, compared to $300,000 in 2006.  However, she managed to spend over $190,000!  Despite only bringing in $165,000, she still managed to pay herself almost $60,000–over a third her ‘non-profit’ brought in. 


So who is being helped by sending money to Elaine Donnelly?  The troops?  Support Our Troops? It should be, Support Elaine Donnelly.  Don’t make me laugh…

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2 Responses to Support Our Troops???

  1. Robert says:

    It\’s always interesting when one follows the money trail with these organzations. Frankly it\’s not supporting the troops, its exploting the troops.
    Sometimes I wonder if why I failed in the whole ex-gay world, was because I never did find a way to make money off it! It seems to me, that all those who are the most vocal, and "succes" stories, always seem to have some "ministry" or "profit" niche.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob!  Yep, that money trail is always interesting.  Usually these people have a non-profit to pay themselves, and the so-called Center for Military Readiness is a good example. 

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