Let The Marriages Begin!

I am still so happy about today’s ruling.  I am still in shock.  My internet was out for a couple of hours today, so I couldn’t read some the responses to this historic ruling.  One that made me very happy to read was from Peter LaBarbera.  He is squealing with horror at the thought that my upcoming marriage is going to be the equivalent of his own marriage!  🙂  In fact, he mistakenly calls all of the upcoming marriages ‘counterfeit marriage.’  I guess Peter hasn’t stopped howling enough to actually read the court finding.  Marriage is marriage.  I think what he is really howling about is that he sees the writing on the wall for his little hate site.  Some Americans see the truth, but it isn’t the same as what he is calling the truth. 

Some other groups are having hissy fits because they think the majority should make the rules. Well, the California State Supreme Court recognizes the sometimes laws are made by the majority which are wrong.  A prime example is that in 1948 the State of California ruled that different races could marry each other, despite the fact that a full 90% of the state population believed it was wrong!  This was taken from the Freedom to Marry website: 

The milestone California ruling comes as the country marks the 60th anniversary of another historic ruling, Perez v. Sharp.  In Perez, the California Supreme Court became the first court in the country to strike down race restrictions on marriage, also by a vote of 4-3, at a time when polls showed 90% opposing interracial marriage.  Wolfson noted, “Today, the justices of the California Supreme Court again lived up to their oath to uphold the Constitution for all, and as with their courageous past stands against discrimination in marriage, we will all be the better and history will vindicate them.”

In November there will be a ballot to change the State Constitution to not allow gay and lesbians to marry.  The old law, passed by a majority of people, was just knocked down by the new finding today.  However, now only 51% of the state believes that gays and lesbians should not be married.  This is a far cry from the 61 percent that voted in 2000.  And when that drops below the majority, then these anti-gay people will STILL try to push their religious views on everyone. 

Some anti-gay websites, like the National Organization for Marriage-California claim, as usual, that this is the fault of ‘activist judges.’  I notice that this hatesite doesn’t mention that 6 out of the 7 State Supreme Court judges were nominated by REPUBLICANS.  That really has to hurt.  They also have the gall to state:

“We call on gay marriage advocates to halt the divisive and intolerant rhetoric which cruelly and falsely labels millions of Californians as ‘hate mongers’ because we support marriage as the union of husband and wife.”

What?  You mean after they call us sinners, and demons and workers for Satan and that we are all going to hell?  After groups like this one are trying to write discrimination into the State Constitution?  Ha.  🙂

Stacy Harp isn’t very happy either.  In fact, she is calling it an ‘evil ruling’ and has put up three posts on it.  Those bloody Republican judges and Republican governor!  I’m sure she is seething that her marriage is now going to be the equivalent of my marriage to Doug.  For some people equality really stinks…

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2 Responses to Let The Marriages Begin!

  1. Scott says:

    The whole "activist judge" thing cracks me up.
    They want somebody to interpret the law as per their personally-edited version of the bible, not by the constitution and/or state laws.  A judge acting on his "christian" beliefs would be the "activist judge", not the person doing exactly what they were elected and hired to do. 
    I\’m sorry Stacy "penis, asshole, penis, asshole, penis, asshole" Harp is having such a hard time with the ruling.  Maybe she should focus on her own marriage, she\’d be a whole lot happier. 

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey GLB!
    Yes, if people like Stacy Harp would concentrate on their own marriage instead of sticking their noses into places it doesn\’t belong, they would be better for it.  Unfortunately they seem to believe that their god wants them to act as the world\’s policemen–as if that will get them into heaven!

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