Gay Marriage Results

Well, many people are not happy about the mainly Republican California State Supreme Court ruling.  Just a few examples:  1)  Mark of Chesterstreet titles a post called "The CA Court Ninnies–a moral plague in robes."  He states:

Read this most sufficient commentary on the recent CA court (Govt.) decision to refine marriage against the will of its citizens. Spare me the majority can be wrong argument until you can prove to me an elephant should be called a diesel engine – thanks.
I have to wonder – when will two consenting adult biological siblings be able to marry each other? If only we had more exposure and a more open mind about such relationships – perhaps we will be more tolerant of them as well? Nothing like the Govt putting a little petroleum jelly on the slippery slope towards nihilism, eh?

I wonder what majority he is talking about?  A Gallup poll just recently taken stated that 51% of those in the West favor gay and lesbian marriage.  His majority is now the minority.  So let the majority have their way, Mark.  🙂  Oh, and if you aren’t really interested in debate, then you should just say so instead of stating:

Spare me the majority can be wrong argument until you can prove to me an elephant should be called a diesel engine – thanks.

Weird reasoning…But a translation is that is "I don’t want to hear what other people have to say." 

There are many, many cases where the majority was wrong.  60 years ago 90% of California state residents were against interracial marriage, but the Cal. State Supreme Court said that couples of different races could marry.  So Mark, what are your thoughts on that particular majority?  Do you agree with them or with the 10% minority?  I would love to hear the answer.

And to answer his question that began with "I have to wonder…"  He wouldn’t have to ‘wonder’ if he had actually read the Court’s statement.  They answer that for him plain and simple. 

2)  Peter LaBarbera asks a very telling question:  "How Will California Homosexual Couples Consumate Counterfeit ‘Marriages’?"   Ask yourself what is wrong with that question and also ask yourself what that tells you about Peter LaBarbera.  What he really wants gays and lesbians to do is to send him video of their ‘consummating’ their relationship.  That is the only explanation I can come up with for his revealing question.  Besides, as someone has recently pointed out, Peter LaBarbera goes to every leather and gay pride event and takes pictures of gay porn, so he knows damn well how gays and lesbians will consummate their marriages.

The next day he also states:  "California Supremes Order Homosexual ‘Marriage–Will Citizens Submit?"  As I stated above, Peter goes to every leather festival he can get his non-profit to pay for, so the use of the word ‘submit’ is another telling word.  Anyway, Peter copies a letter and in it the author states that "In 2000, 61.4 percent majority of Californians passed Proposition 22."  What Peter LaBarbera doesn’t tell you is that now the % of people who are against gays and lesbians getting married is quickly reducing.  He won’t tell you that because it could mean a loss of revenue for his little hate site.


3) And Stacy Harp (I can’t really leave her out–she would be disappointed that I didn’t talk about her too).  She posted on May 16th (among other posts on this subject): " California Court Strips Children of Right to Mother an Father."  This is probably the most ridiculous and the biggest lie I have read regarding the Court findings.  This, however, isn’t surprising to me since she continually lied about hate crimes and many other things.  No one with more than a couple of brain cells could really believe this. Her title makes it sound like all children will be raised in an orphanage without parents.  The ruling does not strip children the ‘right’ to a mother and father.  I won’t say anymore about this stupidly ridiculous statement.


None of these three will have anything taken away from them because of this ruling.  NOT ONE THING.  They are not hurt by this finding.  They will not suffer because of this.  However, for those like me the finding will be beneficial.  I will get something out of this.  I will be happy because of this (and I am happy now about this).  But this is what law should be about.  Protecting people and making sure they can live decent lives.  Prop. 22, which stated that a marriage must be between a man and a woman helped no one.  Straight couples did not get a benefit out of this, nor will they be hurt since it was struck down last Thursday.  That is why it was deemed unconstitutional by a Republican majority (6 out of 7 of the California State Supreme Court judges were appointed by Republican governors and 3 out of the 4 in the majority were Republicans) and that is why our Republican governor is going to fight this Constitutional ballot issue that will probably be coming up in November.

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2 Responses to Gay Marriage Results

  1. Justin says:

    Hi Kev,
    I may not be in CA but, I was glad to see the Court Rule as it did.  As for Mark and Peter Lapervert they do not want to hear any comment that does not agree with their totalitarian beliefs.  They would love noting more than to have a theocracy  until they had to live under it then they would be blaming us for it being in place 🙂
    To bad he didnt ch our program with Christine Bakke one of the founders of Im sure he would have been going off the deep end hearing just what these ex-gay groups do to people.  Christine\’s story was fantastic and Robs was just as good.
    I quit posting any comments to Marks half deranged ideas because I was taught if your ass keeps falling in a ditch then you do one of two things get rid of the ass or fill in the ditch.  I filled in the ditch but the ass  keeps finding other ditches to fall into. 🙂  I just go tired of trying to carry on a intellegent dialoge with this individual.  His messages are full of hate not hope as his good buddy Peter\’s are.  Now I do have to say one thing in Marks defense at least hes is not getting others to finanace his desire to attend every gay function he can.  I just wonder how long it will be before Peter\’s little group finally catch on to what he is doing.    

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin,  I am just in the process of listening to the radio show and it sounds pretty good.  It is final exam week here for one of my classes and I just found out that I have less than a week to get everything graded and returned to the college.  Ugh.  I sometimes post to Mark\’s blog, but what I usually do is write a response and then delete it.  It makes me feel like I am doing something good without actually having to leave a comment!  I know what you mean about those ditches!  🙂

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