Gays and Lesbians are the Reason For the Flood!!!


Stacy Harp puts up a post written by Janet Folger.  It is titled "How same-sex marriage points to the end of the world."  Oh boy. Why is it that Christians have been thinking that their own generation is going to be the end?  Well, one answer is that it makes them feel special.  Janet Folger is certainly special, but not in a good way.  Not only is she ridiculous, but she could use a lesson in basic history.  She states:

As I wrote about in my book, “The Criminalization of Christianity,” Jeffrey Satinover, who holds an M.D. from Princeton and doctorates from Yale, MIT and Harvard, was on my radio program one day and I asked him about where we are in history. He explained that according to the “Babylonian Talmud” – the book of rabbis’ interpretation of the scriptures 1,000 years before Christ, there was only one time in history that reflects where we are right now. There was only one time in history, according to these writings, where men were given in marriage to men, and women given in marriage to women.

Did this Satinover really say that the Talmud was written 1,000 years before Christ?  Jesus Christ–do these people actually take a second to read not only the Bible but basic history?  The Babylonian Talmud refers to the time when the Jews were taken by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzer II from Israel to Babylonia.  This occurred in the early 500s BC–a little over 500 years before Christ–NOT 1,000 YEARS.  I would think that this fundamentalist Janet Folger or at least Stacy Harp would be familiar with the Bible.  I suggest they look up Ezra 1:1-11 to read about the Jews being released from Babylon by Cyrus the Great, the Persian King.  And the Talmud wasn’t written down until after the death of Christ, although there was an oral tradition–but only AFTER the Jews were released from Babylon.  After seeing such blatant ignorance about their own history and religion, I don’t believe a thing this Jeffrey Satinover or Janet Folger has to say.  But just because I don’t believe it doesn’t mean I can’t comment on it!

Janet Folger apparently had some rabbi on who believes that the Talmud is written history.  The Talmud is a reinterpretation of the Hebrew Bible.  It is commentary.  It isn’t a sacred text.  This rabbi, Aryeh Spero, claims that the Talmud tells him that there were "marriage contracts between men…"  According to this "rabbi" God didn’t destroy the world because people were wicked–he destroyed it specifically because of these married homosexuals!  Of course Folger didn’t give the section of the Talmud–which isn’t surprising since clearly she has no clue what it is. 

And to show how nutty this woman is, take a look at her next statement:

You don’t like this possibility? Don’t even believe in the Flood? Doesn’t matter. Some things are true whether you believe them or not. How can you be sure? There’s a way. Did you know that about one-fourth of the Bible is prophecy? A quarter of the Bible is a lot – it’s a big book. And did you know God’s standard? Perfection. That means that if even one of those prophecies is wrong, you can discount the whole thing. Kind of like a prophet who makes a false prediction – that made him a false prophet and a candidate for stoning. Did you know that 4,000 prophecies in that Bible have already come true down to the last detail? That leaves about 1,000 left to be fulfilled – those are the ones regarding the last days before the return of Christ, which are being checked off the list right now.

If 4,000 out of 5,000 prophecies have already occurred exactly as the Bible predicted they would, you might want to pay attention to the rest.

At least she said one thing I agree with:  "Some things are true whether you believe them or not."


Jeez, I wonder if Janet Folger would be able to tell us, in just a sentence or two, each one of these 4,000 prophecies that have come true and fill us in on the 1,000 that haven’t yet been fulfilled?  I bet she can’t do it and if she can’t then she is lying. 

She also sets herself up to look like a prophet:

I don’t live in California, so why am I sounding the alarm? Here’s why:

But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand. – Ezekiel 33:6

I’m praying and working to protect marriage in California (and the rest of the country) not only because I care about marriage, but because I care about civilization. And, if we obey God, he just may spare us from the judgment we deserve.

Maybe someone should read to her that passage where Paul tells women they can’t speak about churchly things to men…And you can see that she is trying to preserve her own behind ("but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand").  And ‘to preserve’ I mean that she has a monetary interest in all of this.  She makes her money by demonizing gays and lesbians.  Now we are responsible for the destruction of the world during Noah’s time.  Next we’ll be responsible for the return of the anti-Christ…if only she can blow her trumpet and stop us all from marrying.

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7 Responses to Gays and Lesbians are the Reason For the Flood!!!

  1. Emproph says:

    Jeffrey Satinover home page.
    Author of the VIRULENTLY anti-gay “Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth.”
    Participant in the pantheist-new age movie: “What the Bleep Do We know?”
    A movie which includes Ramtha — an entity who had one lifetime 35,000 years ago — as channeled through JZ Knight.

    Don’t get me wrong, Ramtha and this movie are right up my alley. But if they’re going to cite Satinover, they may as well be citing Shirley Maclaine and promoting reincarnation.

  2. Robert says:

    This is what fundamentalist do best, twist things that are now happening, and make it seem like the Bible backs it up. Sincerely these people have to much time on their hands!

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey there Rob–yep, they have way too much time on their hands–but that allows them time to rake in the bucks off the backs of gays and lesbians.
    And to the person who left the websites–many thanks for that!   I was really afraid of looking up Jeffrey Satinover\’s information–I figured he would be a nutcase as well.  And it looks like I was right!

  4. Emproph says:

    That was me, Emproph. For some reason my fake name didn\’t come up.

  5. Scott says:

    Either Janet Folger is seriously demented and psychotic, or she\’s on some serious dope.  If the latter is the case, she needs to hook me up with her dealer, because I could sure use a joint (especially when reading her nonsense LOL).
    I\’m surprised Christians have allowed self-appointed nuts like Folger to speak for them.  But I do see a backlash slowly beginning, and unfortunately for these guys, a lot of those people have left their nutty version of religion and in many cases became agnostic or atheist. 
    And I\’ve also wondered how these crazy women think they can go around acting like men – including Folger, Ann Coulter, Stacy Harp, and the gang.  According to their bible, they\’re supposed to shut up, sit down, and let men handle everything.  On the other hand, I\’m convinced these three above-mentioned women are really lesbians. 

  6. Unknown says:

    Just to clarify, since neithe you nor Janet seem to quite have this piece of history right…
    The Babylonian Talmud does not refer to the time of the Babylonian Exile.  The Mishna is the set of oral traditions that were passed down through the generations and eventually written-down by Yehuda HaNasi in the second century.  After the completion of theMishna, rabbis in both Israel and Babylonia (part of Persia at the time) debated its meaning and recorded those debates in what is knowns as the Talmud.  The debates that took place in Babylonia because the Babylonian Talmud, and those in Israel are refered to as the Jerusalem Talmud.  The Talmud was completed in the 4th century.

  7. Kevin says:

    Hi there.
    Thanks for the clarification.  I did say:  "And the Talmud wasn\’t written down until after the death of Christ, although there was an oral tradition." 

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