Who Wrote This?


Just take a guess on who could have written this (I’ve cut out the answer from this text which I have bolded):

Unfortunately, homosexuals do by demanding that non-homosexuals should accept their life-style. Well, the life-style here is one based around Family and Religion. Like God’s Adam and Eve, the Family is based around Mother (female), Father (male) and the rest of the extended family…

…Those religious principles leave no room for homosexuality. Sex and marriage in our culture is between man and woman. Sex and marriage between a man and a man, a woman and a woman, is viewed as irreligious and gross by the vast majority of our people here (just as in the West they would view sex and marriage between a man and a goat)!

Well, let’s take a guess.  It could have been Mark at Chesterstreet.  Just the other day he wondered when two siblings could get married.  It is just a vaseline-lined slippery slope until he starts wondering if a goat and a man can be married.  He could have written this, but it isn’t Mark.

Could it be DL Foster?  He, as an ex-gay minister, is always going on and on about God and the family and marriage and religious principles.  He could have easily written this, but he didn’t.

It could have been Stacy Harp, and even though she goes on and on about God and males and females belonging to each other, she didn’t write this because there is no mention of the penis and the asshole.

It could have been Randy Thomasson, the ‘president’ of the Campaign for Children and Families, who was spearheading another anti-gay ballot initiative. 

Or how about the rabidly anti-gay voteyesmarriage group which is actively trying to get its members to harass country officials to keep them from issuing marriage licenses? 

Nope.  It was none of these anti-gay activists.  It was taken from an editorial in Gambia.  And why is that interesting?  Because the president of Gambia just issued a declaration–all gays and lesbians must leave that country "or face serious consequences if caught."  The country is going to have "a mass patrol" searching for gays and lesbians in that country and you can guess what is going to happen to these people when they are caught.  Why is the president of Gambia issuing this?  Because of religion.  Gambia is a Muslim country, but what was stated by the president and in the editorial is exactly the same message that these anti-gay Christians are spouting.  It is a slippery slope from demanding that gays and lesbians be denied rights that others have so this type of action.

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