Stacy Harp, Animal Torturer, Liar, is a Broken Record

I have to laugh at Stacy Harp’s latest post that mentions me and a number of other gay bloggers. I have to laugh because Stacy is so predictable.  I KNEW that she would have a fit that I didn’t write about Memorial Day.  You see, I don’t need to write about everything I do and think about, especially to make that sick woman happy. 

She tortures animals just because she like it.  She is a liar because she said she would not mention me or Joe Brummer on her blog again.  But she loves us so much that she just couldn’t stop herself.  She is a broken record because she is so predictable.  Oh, and she is an ex-lesbian with a dirty mouth to boot.

She also prints an email from Joe Brummer, which he specifically asks her not to print.  I suppose that is her way of punishing him for the fact that she recorded a phone call, sent it to Guy Adams and another person, who sent it to Joe and then it gets posted by me, with her permission.  Talk about a twisted person.

Her is what that ex-lesbian and animal torturer has to say about me:

Next we have the first paragraph from Dr. Kevin Kaatz, who really has issues – and he knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Picture 40

Kevin is dreaming that the moral majority will lose our bid for a pro-man and woman marriage amendment will fail in November. It won’t, because we have a moral majority in this state and the immoral minority which includes Kevin and his ilk, really hate that.



Well, at least Stacy is correct about one thing–I do have issues with a woman who makes harassing phone calls, talks about ‘penis-in-the-asshole,’ tortures animals, is an ex-lesbian and then lies about it and spends her time trying to demonize gays and lesbians.  Yes, I say I do have issues with her.

And the numbers I posted aren’t numbers I made up.  The percentage of people against gay marriage has dropped by quite a bit.  Nothing that I can do about it except for smile.  We’ll see what happens in November…

And I guess that little animal torturer and ex-lesbian missed my post about our military the other day.  And she thinks she is God-fearing?  I wonder if she thought about the fear of God when she put that little possum in that plastic bag, tied it at the top and then put it on a nail on the fence?  No, I don’t think she did.  But hey, who I am to complain when Stacy Harp actually gets some enjoyment in her life from these little acts?

Oh, and about Memorial Day.  My grandfather, who died in November, served in the Navy in WWII.  Doug’s dad served in the Navy in WWII.  My dad served in the Air Force.  I was ready to sign up for the Air Force right after high school but there was a computer problem and I was sent home and was scheduled to sign up on another day.  In that break, I decided I didn’t want to join the military, and I didn’t.  But if those computers had not broken down, I would have happily joined the military.  I thought about all of this yesterday.  I read the articles in the paper about all the people, men women, straight, gay and lesbian, who served this country.  I also read about that horrible Elaine Donnelly who is complaining about the Homosexual danger to the military.  I also thought about that poor little possum that Stacy stuck in that bag as I watched the squirrels run back and forth along my fence.  So Stacy, you can sit back and pretend you know all about people, but in reality, you are a sad little woman whose aim in life is to try and make people suffer (and animals too).  You pretend to be Christian, but what you write shows the truth. 

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2 Responses to Stacy Harp, Animal Torturer, Liar, is a Broken Record

  1. Scott says:

    That term "moral majority" makes me laugh for 2 reasons…..
    1 – A good percent of those people claiming to be in this "moral majority" are usually 10 times as immoral as those who don\’t consider themselves part of that kooky group.  There\’s nothing moral about pulling over at truck stops to suck dick, before going home to your wife and kids.  There\’s nothing moral about writing fake prescriptions for pain killers and other controlled substances.  There\’s nothing moral about ripping the cover off the bible, and wrapping it around \’Mein Kampf\’.  The so-called "moral majority" is the epitome of evil, who\’s just paranoid that what other people are doing in their own homes is "immoral".
    2 – "Moral Majority" reminds me of Jerry Falwell, roasting in hell like the worthless swine he is.  It probably breaks his heart that all that earthly cash he made is of no use to him now. 

  2. Justin says:

    1. The moral majority is neither  moral nor is it a majority.
    2. The religious right is neither religous nor is it right.
    Some more of my daddys old sayings

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