Stacy’s Friends and Memorial Day

So Stacy Harp has attacked a number of gay bloggers for not posting on Memorial Day, which she assumes means we aren’t true Americans and don’t care for the troops.  So what I decided to do is to take a look at Stacy’s blogging friends and the list of websites she has on her Active Christian Media blog. Yes, I looked at all of them.  She lists 33 blogs.  27 of them do not mention Memorial Day, AT ALL.  There were only a few that made mention of Memorial day, and there were a few I couldn’t tell because they were webradio shows, so I don’t know if they talked about it or not.  Even a website that Stacy is pretty active in–the Persecution Blog, made no mention of Memorial Day.  Now I am not going to say, like Stacy Harp (who is clearly trying to be vindictive here by attacking us. What a nice Christian trait she has) that these people are not honoring the soldiers.  What Stacy doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand in her rush to vindictiveness is that people don’t blog about everything they do or see.  It is far easier to demonize gays and lesbians than to think about what she writes. 

So Stacy, the next time you decide to attack a bunch of people, maybe you better start looking in your own blogging backyard.  It must be pretty tough to live in a glass house, huh?

So here is the list and you can compare it to her blog list here


Answers In Genesis:  Museum Memories on Memorial Day–they mention Memorial Day, but only in that it was the first anniversary for the opening of the Creation Museum.  Nothing else.  So much for remembering our fallen soldiers.

Beth Moore’s Blog–absolutely nothing

Chesterstreet–absolutely nothing

Christian World View Network–nothing

Concerned Women for America–nothing EXCEPT they are selling bumper stickers and yard signs. What a way to support the troops.  Why am I not surprised?

ICN Ministries–nothing

Gay Christian Ministry Watch–nothing

The Discovery Institute–nothing

Lightsource–nothing, although there was a video broadcast and the first couple of minutes this woman made no mention of Memorial Day, even though it was broadcast on that day.

Mass Resistance–nothing

Michael Hyatt–nothing

More Books and Things–nothing

Olive Tree Ministries–nothing

Open Congress–nothing

Persecution Blog–nothing.  And imagine that–Stacy Harp is one of the contributors to this.  She bitches and complains about every gay blogger that didn’t mention Memorial Day, but one of the blogs she loves didn’t mention it.

Ravi Zacharius–nothing

Standards for Life–nothing

Talk Wisdom–nothing

Talking it Over with Janet Parshall–nothing

Church of the Valley–nothing

The Great Separation–nothing

Todd Nettleton’s Blog–nothing

View from the Pew–nothing

Wall Builders–nothing (even though the broadcast on Memorial Day)

Where is Jody?–nothing

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6 Responses to Stacy’s Friends and Memorial Day

  1. Scott says:

    I actually WANTED to post something for Memorial Day, but backed out of it because the song I planned to use in the YouTube video would have been disrespectful (in consideration of my college friend who\’s in Iraq).
    Imagine that – me passing up on an opportunity to be disrespectful! LOL  So that was MY memorial day tribute: saying nothing at all. 
    As for Stacy – her pettiness goes to show how much of a loon she is.  In jumping on the GLBT community\’s case while not condeming her own buddies, she continues to prove that she really believes gay people are supposed to be her niggers.  Funny thing is, Stacy\’s picture should be under that term in Webster\’s.

  2. Justin says:

    Well, hot daum, (spits in the suspidor) I had it wrong all along.  It was always my understanding that all us folks was supposed to go into town and watch the parade.  Maybe Stacy might uderstand what that is.  You know Stacey its where the whole community gets together and lines main street and watches while them boys from the National Guard carry the U.S. flag and the Great State of Texas flag out in front of all them vetrans,  cub scouts, boy scouts and then comes the Jr High School Band, the High School band leading all the floats.
    Well, I will just have to tell my brothers at the VFW that I wont be able to join them in the parade or go to the cemetary to place flags and listen to speeches about all them boys who gave their all for their country.  I guess I better go to the cemetary and tell all them boys I wont be comin around anymore cause Im supposed to stay home and write a blog about them rather than actually
     come out and join the rest of the community in showing our respect and honoring them along with our young ones.
    Kevin I do hope you will pass my apologies along to Ms Harp cause I have been misled all this time about how we are supposed to honor our fallen, those who served and were lucky enough to come home and those still wearing the uniform.  Of course if I stay home next time and write a long blog I am sure my dear old daddies words will come back to haunt me.  "Son your actions speak a hell a lot louder than your words"  
    No Kevin, on second thought tell Ms Harp this blogger will be doin the same as I have done all my life from the time I can remember from child hood the parade and what it meant.  I will be marching with my brothers who like me were lucky enough to come back from a hell called war.  I will be going to the cemetary and putting out flags and listening to the speeches about their sacrifice and what it means to us. Visiting with their families and tell them how much we care for them and the sacrifice their sons and daughters made.  No Kevin, Ms Harp and her followers will have to just do with out my words however, she is welcome to come out and help us place flags and watch the wonders on a childs face as the flags go by and the parade goes by actually pulling the community together in honor of thse fallen men.
    Winks have a good day Kevin

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey GLB, She is petty and vindictive.  And she has a problem with using reasoning as well.  I remember posting about the so-called Christians who couldn\’t even put up a post about one of the most sacred days to Christians–that of the birth of Christ.  It seemed that if these people are going to spend the entire year trying to tell everyone about the glory of Christians, then they could at least write about that day.  There is a big difference between that bunch and if one of use just happen to not write about Memorial Day.  After all, most gay blogs are about gay issues.  Her blog is supposedly about Christian issues, except I don\’t quite see how torturing a possum reflects Christian ideals, unless she thought nailing it up on a bag was something close…

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin,
    Yep, she just doesn\’t get it.  She thinks that just because someone doesn\’t write about something then we are guiltly of something else.  However, when we do write about something, she still complains.  You just can\’t win with that woman!

  5. Deb says:

    Good for you!  I love the way you research everything and give the correct info out.  

  6. Kevin says:

    Hey Deb!  How are things going?  I do like looking at Stacy\’s hypocrisy.  🙂

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