Am I Still Dreaming? :)

Just the other day Stacy Harp had this to say about a poll that said that only 54% of Californians are against gay marriage:


Kevin is dreaming that the moral majority will lose our bid for a pro-man and woman marriage amendment will fail in November. It won’t, because we have a moral majority in this state and the immoral minority which includes Kevin and his ilk, really hate that.

Well, well, well.  There is a new poll out and it shows that there is a new majority in town (or more correctly, in the State of California):  51% of voters support gay marriage, while 41% are against it.  Hmm.  So who is in the moral majority now Stacy?  🙂 

Here are the poll results:


I wonder what I should do with my newfound majority?  How about getting married? Yep, well, it looks like that is going to happen to.  The State of California just issued a notice that gays and lesbians can get married on June 17.  Now won’t Stacy and her ilk really hate that  🙂

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