Garden Produce and Mosaic Mistake

I just went outside and picked some carrots from the garden (the little one was a mistake–it must have been very close to the big ones!).  The seeds I ordered were carrots that were supposed to grow only about 5 inches long, so they are perfect.  Next to them are some radishes.  I’m not a big fan of radishes (unless they are daikons!) but they are easy and fun to grow.



And about the mosaic mistake.  I finished another mosaic yesterday by grouting it.  Today I went into the garage to start my next project and I noticed that the grout had cracks in it running from one end of the mosaic to the other.  I put this mosaic on a piece of lumber that I cut, and I think that was a mistake because it appears that the wet grout has warped the board. Whoops.  That mosaic probably took about 20 hours to complete.  Next time I’ll use a different type of board…  I’m hoping to still hang it up.  The cracks might make it look very old. Either that or I will hang it up and one day the whole mosaic will pop off the board and make a giant mess!

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2 Responses to Garden Produce and Mosaic Mistake

  1. Rob says:

    I think it was over a year ago now, I bought a planter and some garden soil so I could try to grow some peppers without disturbing the yard of the house we rent.  I managed to put the dirt in the planter, but so far haven\’t tried to grow any plants as it would require a commitment to check to make sure they weren\’t getting too dry each day.  Maybe this spring.
    The carrots look yummy.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob.  I know what you mean about growing things in planters.  I did that when we were in Sydney too.  If you put lots of mulch down you usually don\’t have to check them daily.
    And those carrots were very tasty.

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