The Anti-Gay Marriage Ballot Makes it to the Ballot

I see that the anti-gay Marriage initiative will make it on the November ballot here in California.  It isn’t a surprise.  But I do find the numbers very interesting.  I keep reading that they submitted 1.1 million signatures and they needed close to 700,000.  But if you look at the official document put out by the state on the verification process from a few days ago, although they claim that they collected 1.1 million signatures, a good portion of these signatures are invalid, meaning they are fake or that the handwriting can’t be read or that there were people who actually signed the ballot initiative twice.  In the verification process the State looked at 42,433 signatures.  Out of that number,  only 35,961 were actually valid.  This means that there were 6472 signatures, out that that sampling, that were fakes or, in the words of the State, invalid signatures (and they define this as being a signature is ‘from someone who is not a legally registered voter.’  So nearly 20% of the signatures, in the sample, were invalid (the numbers are taken directly from the state site)!  20%.  And in some counties, the percentages of invalid signatures goes up to 25% were invalid. 

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers.  Most of the people who voted for this live in southern California.  The largest group (from the 1.1 million signatures they gathered) is from Los Angeles county (251,835).  The state looked at a sample of those signatures and found that just over 25% were invalid (including twelve people who were so excited that they signed the ballot initiative twice).  San Diego County collected 146,298, and the sample showed that 23% were invalid. 

In San Francisco County they managed to collect only 4609 signatures (compare that number with that of Los Angeles) and the sample showed 14.6% of the signatures were invalid.  In my county of San Mateo they collected 7,327 and of the sample, 12% were invalid. 

So the state takes the sample and calculated how many actual valid signatures were collected, and it came up with 764,063.  So according to the state, over 20% of the signatures that were collected were invalid. This ballot proposal just barely made it to the ballot.  They needed 694,790 signatures to make it.  They only got 764,063 (the numbers are a bit off because some of the counties did not look at the signatures).  That is a far cry from them claiming that have 1.1 million signatures. 

So when these people claim to have gathered 1.1 million signatures, they are lying.  They collect 764,063 signatures.  The rest were fake (or in legal terms, invalid).  I think this shows the degree of deceit these people went to to get their religious ideas on the ballot.  Haven’t they ever heard what God thinks of liars?

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2 Responses to The Anti-Gay Marriage Ballot Makes it to the Ballot

  1. Wood says:

    The numbers can be made to say anything, you know that.
    As for people hearing what God thinks of liars, I have two thing for you to think about:
    Just because they\’re in the pews does not mean that they are listening.
    Not everybody has figured out how to make their ears work.
    Take care

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Wood!  I agree on both counts! 
    Take care,

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