This is Way Too Funny to be Serious!


I was looking around at my usual blog and Jeremy at G-A-Y (Good As You) put up a post about a video that Peter LaBarbera loves.  I’ve put it below.  It is way funny and I can’t believe it is supposed to be serious.  I could imagine it being serious, but these two singers seem like a comedy troupe.  I mean, it is called "Down on the Farm" written by  Just listen to some of the lyrics–

Come on down to the farm,

Come on out to the barn,

You won’t see two roosters walking arm and arm.

They couldn’t make a chicken,

They don’t have an egg to hatch,

When God said ‘Love your brother" I don’t think he meant like that.

Now in that little email I commenced to tell them how two mares can’t make a stallion, two bulls can’t make a cow.

It takes a male and female for the species to go on.

And the silliness continues.  Roosters ‘walking arm and arm’?  Come on, this is absolutely hilarious!  And maybe someone should tell these comedians that most animals these days on farms are created by artificial insemination…

Anyway, despite thinking this is funny, apparently these two are dead serious.  All they do is drive around, collecting money from various churches singing stuff like that.  And I know they are serious because Ray, the male singer, writes this on their website:

For those who, God forbid, have not noticed, the political/social climate in this nation is growing progressively more anti-God and anti-Christian. Immorality is deified while righteousness is scorned and repudiated. Christianity today is looked on with more disdain than Islamic terrorist, illegal aliens, homosexuals, purveyors of pornography and pedophiles. The only institution that can save the United States of America from self-destruction is that institution which is most hated by the liberal, left-wing politically correct crowd. That institution is the church. Unless there is immediate intervention by professing Christians, i.e. the Church, the ungodliness of this nation is going to take us all down, saint and sinner alike.

More disdain than Islamic terrorists and homosexuals?  Hehehehe. 

He says he is 70 and he knows what he is talking about:

"I remember World War II. I remember when this nation, border to border, coast to coast, embraced the same moral values and language. I remember unashamed patriotism. I remember when the greatest blessing afforded to any human being was just to be an “American”! (Not an African-American, Asian-American, or some other such idiocy.)"

Now I wonder what kind of patriotism he is referring to?  And when were African Americans considered to be Americans during WWII and the decades after?  It seems that Ray has had his white blinders on for decades.  Just to prove this is the case, here is what he also says:

"For those who may have possibly not noticed, this is not 1950 when the church was still a respected institution. When being a Christian and church member looked really good on your resume. In our dwindling little “clan” of believers, we shout, worship and practice our “feel-good” religion, while the country goes to hell right outside the door. If I was God I’d be incensed. To tell the truth, I’m not sure He isn’t."

Again, what was 1950 like for anyone that wasn’t white in this country?  And he still doesn’t like people who aren’t white-looking:

Our industry and businesses are being purchased at an alarming rate by foreigners. As you travel, I’m sure you’ve noticed that practically every motel is owned and/or operated by people of middle-eastern descent.

Ah yes, the ‘brown menace’ as Pam at Pams House Blend has called it.  So it doesn’t matter that these people are probably American.  All that matters is that they aren’t white.  What a nice Christian message from this traveling minister. 

He clearly doesn’t like gays and lesbians either:

On another sickening note, while our service men are fighting the radical Islamic terrorist in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the city fathers of San Francisco, who’ve never met a pervert they didn’t love and who despise all things noble and holy, recently passed a city ordinance expelling all United States Armed Forces Recruiting Stations from their fair city.

And look at this rant:

If you have one ounce of optimism left, allow me to dispel even that. Society is corrupt. The God of the Bible, for all practical purposes, has been banished from our institutions. There will be legislation which will prevent pastors from preaching on homosexual sins and anything else that might possibly offend anyone. You can cut your finger off and write it down in blood. This will happen. We face a “holy war” with the religion of Islam. This religion has already taken over much of Europe and has a much bigger foothold in America than most of us realize. They do not, will not co-exist with other religions. They either enslave or kill them. Our borders are being overrun with illegal aliens. Two or three years ago they were saying we had from twelve to twenty million illegal Mexicans here. Does it not seem strange to you that, with nothing being done to secure our border with Mexico, that three years later we still have only twelve to twenty million? I think I saw half that many in Wal-Mart the other night. You see what’s happening to our language…press one for English and two for Spanish. (When God decided to confuse the folks building the tower of Babel, do you recall how he did it? Language. Just a thought.) We’re losing our culture. The great “Melting Pot” is no longer melting. Many, and I venture most, who come here today are not coming to be “Americans”. They’re coming to rape and pillage our country financially. If you have stock in Western Union you know the money is going out of the USA and back to Mexico by the tons. Along with this invading hoard you have the gangs that are wrecking havoc in cities large and small across the nation. The medical profession is facing new challenges with new diseases thought to be brought in by these illegals.

Maybe Ray hasn’t heard–there is no such thing as "The Melting Pot" unless it is the melting pot of his own desires–white, white and white. 

And now, sit back and listen to what this white "Christian" male, who longs for the days of the 1950s ‘melting pot’ when this country was run by whites and see if you can take this guy and his wife seriously:



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2 Responses to This is Way Too Funny to be Serious!

  1. carla says:

    sounds like he hit a nerve with you.  this is not his law but God\’s law.  And for the sake of your consideration, what if he\’s correct and your wrong?  The Bible never changes, nor does the word of God.  People are the ones who are trying to change things.  God is the same yesterday,today, as He is tomorrow…Like it or not, this is God\’s Law not ours.  Wake up and smell the truth, quit dancing around the truth.  When this life ends, we will be walking into the presence of God all alone all by ourselves.  Be ready, when you think not, the Son of God will appear.  Sounds like your not a believer.

  2. Kevin says:

    Actually, this song did not hit a nerve with me in regards to its anti-gay theme.  When I first heard it I was certain it was a comedy troupe.  The song is too cheesy to be serious.
    I mean, is it God\’s law that roosters have arms? 
    But what hit a nerve for me was the clearly racist rants by the writer and singer of this song.  And he is supposedly a traveling minister?  Hardly. 
    And what God are you talking about when you say "God\’s law"?  There seem to be many gods out there.  I assume you are talking about the Christian God, but maybe not.  We don\’t know what God\’s word is or was.  The Bible we have today is made up of many different manuscripts and it has been put together by scholars.  All you need to do is open a Greek or Latin copy of the Bible and look at the critical apparatus (the information below).  That shows you that we don\’t know what the original said.  We can guess, but we don\’t know for certain.  Therefore no one knows what is God\’s word or Law. 
    "Quit dancing around the truth?"  What truth are you referring to?  Your own?  I\’ve written about this before–maybe you missed it.  People make a choice as to what religion they follow.  You clearly have done that.  If your minister or priest or church decides to do something you don\’t like, you will change your religion.  You follow what you like and what you don\’t like.  That really is the only truth.  If you are a protestant, surely you have heard of the Protestant Reformation?  You are a product of history.

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