Kevin The Possum. My little Superhero Fighting the Powers of Darkness…

Today Stacy makes two posts, one which mentions me (which she said she wouldn’t do, but then again, why would I believe anything she says anyway!) and another she baits Joe Brummer.

I thought I would spice up Stacy’s life a bit by responding to her latest post about me.  She titles it "Kevin the "Tortured" Possum.  Now she thinks that it would be sweet that she named me after one of the animals that she tortured a couple of weeks ago by tying the little animal in a bag and hanging it outside after her dogs attacked it.   Today she writes again that her two dogs ONCE AGAIN attacked a possum.  Can’t she control those dogs?  Nope.  She doesn’t even try.  In fact, as yet another possum is laying there, with a gaping wound on its side, she actually praises those dogs for attacking the another possum.  Luke, the dog, also goes up to it while she is standing there.  "Luke, you are a good boy for doing your job, but still buddy" and she never finishes her sentence.  She then shows the dogs standing there wagging their tales and what does that tell the dogs?  They were good to attack that possum.  Here is more of what she says:

"Look at you.  Look at how happy you are. Yeah.  You are such a good dog. You’re a good pup.  You’re going to be a blog star.  " she says to the dogs. 

She actually giggles when her husband has to carry it outside and says, while laughing, "it’s still alive?"  She also says to the dog, "guys, if you are going to kill somebody" and she never finishes her sentence.  "Somebody" and not "something"?  Freudian slip?  But the dogs are pretty eager to head outside and no doubt try and attack that possum again. 

Is it her subconscious that is speaking when she decided to name that mauled possum after me, whom she laughingly asks if it is still alive and whom she is referring to when she tells her dogs that if they are going to kill someONE?  Hmm. 

And I can’t imagine having those dogs run through the house after they kill and maim these poor animals.  Imagine them nuzzling up after ‘doing their job’, all bloody and who knows what else is in their mouths and one their faces.


I don’t think this will be the last time we hear from Kevin the Possum on this blog.  I think he will become my little superhero, fighting the dark, horrible powers of darkness that like to torture little creatures like himself.  Now I just need Photoshop to create my little superhero.  🙂

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2 Responses to Kevin The Possum. My little Superhero Fighting the Powers of Darkness…

  1. Cassie says:

    I don\’t get this Stacy person at all.  Sounds to me like she has severe emotional and psychological problems. Many MANY years ago (so long ago there were no man-made satellites in the sky) I knew some people who used to kill opossums, But that was because they were VERY poor and what they killed they ate. And when they killed them they didn\’t torture them or sic the pack on them for some animal on animal brutality. They shot them dead and then made stew out of them.
    Which means that these people (what used to be known a s"poor white trash") were STIll head and shoulders above this "Christian Activist".

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Cass,
    I don\’t get Stacy Harp either.  And in case you didn\’t know this, she claims to be a therapist and works with children.  Now that is scary…

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