A Hate Crime in My City

One of my friends just told me that there was a hate crime against a gay couple that occurred in May.  The man who did the crime is named Herbert Santos-Coy, who is 30.  He apparently attacked two guys who were in the garage area of their apartment building working on their car.  He yelled at them, hit one of them in the face multiple times and threw an iron table at them.  What he called them was bad enough that the paper wouldn’t print it.  He did call them ‘dirty, nasty people.’  That they could print.  He could go to jail for 8 years.  Let’s hope he gets to spend that all that time in prison.

It is ironic that I would hear about this today just after I read Joe Brummer’s blog about the hateful comments put out by Peter LaBarbera (no big surprise).  You see, when you have people like that putting out lies and hate against gays and lesbians, no one should be surprised when you have someone like Herbert Santos-Coy attacking gay men.  No one should be surprised when these attacks happen after someone like DL Foster calls us demonic.  Or when Stacy Harp calls us sodomites (and worse).  Or when Mark at Chesterstreet spends nearly all of his online time obsessing about gays and lesbians and writes:  "The gay Christian movement’s teachings are also a direct assault on the word of God. The moment a doctrine dismisses biblical texts, divorces the eternal God from Jesus, dismisses the Old Testament writings, or puts one’s personal “spirit” above the word and law of God; Satan is at work."  When a group of people are associated with pure evil, then it isn’t a surprise that people like Herbert Santos-Coy attack.  They hear this crap from these people and do what they think is God’s work.  God has a funny way of working, huh?

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2 Responses to A Hate Crime in My City

  1. Pam says:

    If you want to read something, you must visit my blog. It was posted today and has some comments from supporters that want change.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Blondie,
    Thanks for that!  It looks like a very good blog!

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