Liberty Counsel and Gay Marriages

Boy, it just never ends.  Jerry Falwell rises from the grave and has directed his lawyers to again challenge the Supreme Court finding, except that they are asking a mid-level court to overturn the State Supreme Court.  Hmm.  Are these Liberty Counsel lawyers really lawyers, or just men in suits pretending to be Christians and pretending to be lawyers?  This is just a funding ploy for these people.  They can now say to their mindless followers that they have fought against the gay and lesbian demons when they beg for money. 

How can they stand to call themselves ‘Liberty’ anything?  They are only for Christian freedom, but nothing else.  This group of ‘lawyers’ would never defend anyone that wasn’t Christian.  They should be sued and have that name taken away from them.  They don’t deserve the word ‘liberty’ attached to anything they do.  They are thugs (and kinda dumb thugs at that).

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