Thank You DL Foster for Your “Spiritual” Fight against Gays and Lesbians

NOT!!!!  Here is a video that I have been telling people that I would not watch because it shows some 15 year old girls, in high school, beating up another girl. Why did they beat her up?  Because they claimed she was a gay rights activist and was pushing her views on them. These beasts  girls told the police and their principle that they didn’t see anything wrong with what they did.  You can see parts of this disgusting act here

So thanks Pastor Foster and all of your so-called Christian friends for your spiritual war against gays and lesbians.  Your spiritual war (whatever the hell that means, and I’ll talk about this next) leads to a physical war.  Your ‘spiritual’ views on the demonic gays and lesbians have led to yet another person being beaten up.  Her attackers can’t even see that what they did was wrong!  My god, have you people no shame?  You can’t sit there and talk about a spiritual war and really believe that it isn’t a physical war. Your views lead to violence.  Period. 

So what is spiritual?  Spiritual is something not physical, like prayer or thinking.  So if these people want to wage a spiritual war against others who aren’t Christian, how should they do it?  Obviously they should only do spiritual things.  So they can pray and they can think.  But that isn’t all they want to do.  They want to vote.  That isn’t spiritual, that is physical.  So it is no longer a spiritual war for them.  It becomes physical.  They want to talk about it.  That isn’t spiritual.  That is physical.  They want to fight.  So they aren’t waging a spiritual war.  They are waging a physical war against gays and lesbians.  And that video is just one piece of evidence. 

They can talk on and on about spiritual warfare, but it is a lie.  They know it is a lie, but it is a convenient one that they can all hide behind.  They can put on the armor of Christ, but what do they do with that spiritual armor?  They attack in the physical world. 

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One Response to Thank You DL Foster for Your “Spiritual” Fight against Gays and Lesbians

  1. Justin says:

    But of course they hide behind their pulpits and say we never told them to do this but the blood is not on their hands it is on the victims we have the word of G-d on that.  And they wonder why Christianity is quiting to grow.

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