DL Foster, The Coward

I left my first couple of comments at Gay Christian Ministry Watch the other day when DL Foster was hyperventilating about the coming doom because of the homosexuals.  His language was full of violence.  But DL Foster didn’t have the courage to post my comments.  He makes it seem that everyone agrees with his ‘words of wisdom,’ but that definitely isn’t the case.    I didn’t keep a copy of what I had written, but here is a close approximation.  I’ll give you DL Foster’s comments first.

He wrote:

The enemy’s intent is to herd us into our churches, padlock the doors and make it illegal for us to speak what thus said the Lord. Are you prepared to lose your job, be forced from your home, have your children taken from you for refusing to bow at the altar of homosexual acceptance? There is no middle ground. They won’t allow it. Either we choose now to stand up and be counted with the prophets who when faced with the devil’s schemes stood tall or we fade in an ignoble oblivion.

I wrote:

It is amazing how close what DL Foster has to write about the persecution of the church to what the church has done to gays and lesbians.  It wants to push us into the closet and lock the doors.  We can lose our jobs, be denied housing, have children taken away or denied the right to have children. 

I also wrote:

I am hoping someone can explain how one can fight a ‘spiritual battle’ in the physical world.

These two comments were blocked, with no explanation.  I guess it was too much to hope for that the ex-gay DL Foster would allow his readers to think about what they said. Of course, my guess is that he thought about them and realized that I was right, which is why he refused to allow my comments.  Here is his comment policy:


GCM Watch is pleased to extend to its readers the ability to comment on stories to encourage discussion. As such, lively discussion and debate are welcome in the Christian context. Certain kinds of posts, however, are not allowed. These include:

  1. Obscene language
    Obscene or pornographic language is not welcome, nor acceptable in any context. Any post using such language will be deleted.
  2. Threats or advocation of violence
    Threats (3rd party included) to harm another person are prohibited. Any such threats posted will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. 
  3. Identity theft
    Presenting yourself as someone you are not is dishonest and destroys honest discussion. 
  4. Personal attacks against contributors
    You may discuss issues, debate ideas, or even one’s position on the stated issue, but not the person.  We expect mature, responsible discussion. 
  5. Advertising
    Gratuitous, self-promotional advertising is barred from this forum.

DL Foster can’t handle it when someone questions his violent motives.  That certainly won’t stop me from writing about him and his little ex-gay for pay job he has. 

And I am guessing that DL Foster is going through some type of a crisis.  Maybe he sees that being gay is becoming more and more accepted and he is wondering whether he made the wrong choice in trying to pretend to be straight…

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2 Responses to DL Foster, The Coward

  1. Emproph says:

    ALWAYS keep a copy of your comments when posting on an anti-gay site 🙂
    I got banned too when I confronted him for using divorced and remarried ex-gay industry\’s darling, Joe Dallas, as a resource. Then I confronted him for not posting my comment, he then posted the comment, and replied "please provide evidence that Joe Dallas has not repented of having a divorce."
    The issue was with his remarriage OUTSIDE of Biblical bounds, making any repentance of his divorce, a moot point, which I elucidated in no uncertain terms. He did not post the comment, and instead replied on my site:
    "Your question(s) are biblically nonsensical. As I stated until you can adequately answer all the questions I asked you with evidence then, we wont further entertain them on our site. Your comments are set for spam until that can happen."
    And that was in response to my post that stated this: "As such, my issue had nothing to do with Joe Dallas, nor his divorce (due to his adultery). My issue was, and is, with your, GCMW’s, apparent approval of adulterous remarriage – as per the Bible."
    Coward, hypocrite, and not too bright to boot.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Emproph,
    I almost always keep a copy just in case of things like this, but for some reason I didn\’t.  At least you got an acknowledgement from DL Foster.  I still think that he and his followers could not or would not answer the question about waging spiritual warfare in the physical world.  I guess it hurts their brain to try and think about what they are doing…

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