Racism and Homohatred, Part II

Just this morning I wrote about the part Christians played in changing the California State Constitution in 1964 that made discrimination in real estate transactions legal.  That was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1967.  Well, surprise surprise–I looked at an anti-gay hate site today (Campaign for Children and Families run by a man named Randy Thomassen) and guess what the headlines are on that hatesite?  "California’s Mexican Immigrants Not Assimilating."  But the title of the study they are referring to is called "Research on Immigrants Surprising…Or Not."  That opinion piece talks about Mexican immigrants, but you can see that Randy Thomassen and the Campaign for Children and Families has changed this.  Like I said, racism and homohatred go hand in hand.  It makes me wonder what children and families are helped by this non-profit?  Maybe white ones???

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5 Responses to Racism and Homohatred, Part II

  1. Justin says:

    Good morning Kevin,
    Before I start on this I went to the web site you left on our blog and it was what I figured about Benkoff it did not change my opinion of his character one iota.  I would suggest everyone read the article to see him for the liar he is. 
    Your article on Mr Thomassen is not suprising to me in the least being half mexican I have known the discrimination of these so called Christian groups.  And for them to call themselves  Christians is to make a mockery of the word and its meaning.  These groups are about as Christian as I am straight.  Boy are they in trouble :).  The Christian racism is not just the white people tho.
    You are so right when you say homophobia and racism go hand in hand.  People like this are so unhappy with their lot in life and they are going to make damned sure everyone is just as miserable and unhappy as they are.  They look for other groups and peoples that they can scape goat for their own failures in life.  They do not want mexicans to truely assimilate because then they would have no one to look down on or blame their troubles on.  This type of psuedo Christianity helps no chilcren and families not even  white ones. 
    All races play the blame game but when it comes to giving people like you and me equality look how fast they line up together to insure that doesnt happen.  When they think they have won at the end of the day they go back to their  miserable little racist worlds attacking each other.  Yes, all races have their racism.  Whites think that G-d gave them this country and its theirs and blame the Blacks and Mexicans for knocking them off their little superiority pedestals.  Blacks still blame the whites for slavery and any other problems they have and the Mexicans blame the whites and blacks for stealing their land.  Throw a homo into the mix and watch how fast they all grab the C word and work together to put us back in our little box. 
    Let a Homo stand up and ask to be treated as full citizens of this country and all of these groups will paint the C word on their chest grab their torches and pitch forks and  drive that spawn of satan back into the pit it crawled out of.  Nothing works better to pull all of these groups together in common cause than to send the one scape goat they all love to hate into the mix.
    Yes, the groups like Thomassens are racist but, they are not the only ones when it comes to equal rights for gays and lesbians.
    We are the favorite scape goat for all the nations ills.  We have come a long way since the first riots at Stonewall and we have a long way to go.  Its not going to be a easy battle but, we are winning ground.  Changing the face of racism and bigotry or homophobia will never be easy when it has the word Christian or Fundementalist attached to it.  Fearmongering is the best tool these people have and they have become very adept in using it against the gay and lesbian communities.
    Not since the concentration camps of WWII has this type of fearmongering and lies been used against any group of people.  I guess it is as they say "Those who forget the past are destined to repeat the past." 
    While we make some gains in some states, change will not truely come until every gay and lesbian individual understands that what is happening today has a direct impact on their lives tomorrow and, they become politically involved we will continue for the most part to be less than full citizens of this country.  And, with the climate of hatred growing within these so called Christian groups will be at physical risk.
    I hope you do teach your students about the homosexual oppression since it is real and it will take education to change things.  
    Ok back to you Kevin.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin!
    Great comments!  And I agree with you–all groups of people can be racist.  And speaking of being Mexican, my course started yesterday and it is fun to see the student\’s reaction when I tell them that all of the southwest was Mexican territory and soon after California became a state the white population started to persecute the Mexicans and the Native Americans.  They don\’t know about that history.  And to my surprise, when I asked why yesterday was such a momentous day in gay and lesbian history, only two knew that gays and lesbians could now get married.  I am taking that as a good sign that the issue isn\’t a big one for them or their families.  We\’ll win this in the end and at some point it will have to go all the way to the Supreme Court for the final say on equality.  It will happen.  The hard part is waiting for it to happen!

  3. Justin says:

    I can but imagine the look on some of your students faces when you told them the truth about the history of the state.  A good book to reccomend to see what really happened in the conquest of this nation is "Bury My Heart At Wounded knee" by Dee Brown.  It truely is a eye opener from the Native Americans view. 

  4. Justin says:

    ooops how did that enter button get there :).  I do hope that this new thing going on in CA will not be a big issue to them other than to choose to be on the right side and demand equality for all..  Now, of course you do understand you are one of those evil low life college profs that just want to fill your young charges heads full of anti American anti G-d, mom and apple pie crap (falls out of chair laughing).
    All kidding aside I do hope you can teach them that there is more than just one side to every story.  Good luck I will be praying for you.  Oh wait, let me check my list to make sure I got you listed.  Oh yeah, there you are right under Heathen Homo Idol Worshiper.  Ok your covered go for it. 🙂 

  5. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin!  Hey, you forgot to call me a liberal!  😉
    And yes, I am having fun in the class.  We talked about all kinds of things today including gay marriage and I linked the opponents of that to other majorities who have tried to change the laws in their favor. 

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