Marriages, Marriages, Marriages

Today is the big day for many gay and lesbian couples who are finally able to get married.  I was listening to the radio this morning and they were at S.F. City Hall and hundreds of people are there celebrating.  Damn–I can’t believe we moved away just as all of this is happening!  And while I was listening, I heard two of our friends who were being interviewed–they had just gotten married.  I got home and the newspaper is full of descriptions and two of the guys they interviewed about getting married are our friends too.  Everyone is getting married!  So you might be asking when our big day is going to be…We haven’t decided yet.  Doug’s parents want to be here, so we have to give them time to make plans.  I also teach until July 25, and I want Doug to take me on a honeymoon (maybe to Palm Springs) so I want to be finished with teaching.  I’m thinking July 28.  We are also going up to see the rest of his family the second week of August, so it will be nice to be married by then.  We aren’t going to have a big ceremony or anything like that.  We want to drive to San Francisco to have it done there and they only allow 6 guests.  We’ll then have a big informal reception at our house for everyone else.  I can’t believe we can actually do it!

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